Frequently Asked Questions

What support is offered to TruScribers?

We are here to help and welcome your questions! We are available Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, CST.

  • When you are logged in to TruScribe Software, click on the red question mark in the lower right-hand corner of your screen to chat with us.
  • Send us an email at
  • Call our customer success hotline at 800.800.5559.

What happens when my free trial is over?

We’ll let you know when your free trial expires. Then you will have the option to upgrade to a paid subscription or allow your account to automatically transition to the “freemium” state. In this state, you will be able to access videos you’ve created in the past but won’t be able to create any new videos.

Why do I get a blank screen when I log in?

We have a known bug for those users who have already signed up for our TruGlyph app. We are working on resolving this issue. In the meantime, please contact us at and provide an alternative email address that we can use to set up your TruScribe Software account.

Can I use Internet Explorer 11 to access TruScribe Software?

Unfortunately, IE11 is not recommended as Microsoft® has announced that it is no longer supporting certain functionality, including audio, as they move their customers to their new browser, Edge.

Things are wonky. It doesn’t seem like the software is working properly. What can I do?

TruScribe Software updates itself every so often, and sometimes the updates may not get to you. You can “reset” the software and make sure you have all of the most recent updates by following these steps:

  • Ensure you are using Google Chrome® as the browser for optimal performance.
  • Log out of TruScribe.
  • Clear the cache and browser history in Chrome.
  • Exit out of Chrome and then go back in.
  • Log back in to

How can I draw my own glyphs and use them in my video?

TruScribe Software is powered by TruGlyph. TruGlyph is a worldwide visual language library and is a free iOS application that anyone can download and create images in. There are over 42,000 glyphs in TruGlyph, and the number is constantly expanding. You (or someone in your organization who is good at drawing) can create glyphs and associate keywords (tags) in TruGlyph. Then use those keywords in your script and TruScribe will pull your newly created glyphs into your video. Search for TruGlyph in the Apple app store.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hope you’re so happy with TruScribe Software, you can’t imagine life without it. But if you need to, you can cancel at any time for any reason. Send an email to to notify us that you wish to cancel and you will receive a cancellation confirmation within two business days.

Where can I access the tutorials?

Go to and click on the “Support” heading.

Is TruScribe Software available in other languages?

With TruScribe Software, you can create a moving message in any language you chose. There are some limitations: (1) scripts need to be written in English and (2) machine voice is available only in English. You can record your own audio in any language you choose.

Can I add color to my glyphs?

Yes! We released a new feature for displaying a glyph in color in November.  Double-click on the glyph timeline and select Change Color from the popup menu.  Select one of five available high-contrast colors, or enter a hex code for a custom color. Click Confirm.

Can I add text to my glyphs?

Yes! We released a new feature for adding text to a glyph in November.  Double-click on the glyph timeline and select Insert Text from the menu.  Type the text you wish to display, select the font style, size and color, then select if you wish to add the text to the top center of the frame, or replace the glyph with text. Click Confirm.  You can also create text and save it as an image file and then use that image file as a background for that particular glyph.

Where can I give feedback about TruScribe?

We want to hear from you!  Did you find a bug? Do you have a great idea to share? Our development roadmap is driven by user feedback, so your feedback is absolutely needed, appreciated, and valued! Click on the red question mark in the lower right-hand corner of your screen to pull up a chat window and tell us what you think!

What if I want to equip my whole team with licenses?

Contact us for a quote! Call 888.684.4944 or email us at We offer discounted licenses at scale.