Draw Glyphs and Get Paid!

TruGlyphTM by TruScribe® gives you the ability to draw glyphs for common terms to be used in digital videos – expanding the glyph library and earning you prestige in the form of badges (and of course, fans among our user base). You can make the art that comes natural to you expand the TruScribe experience for everyone.

Just install the TruGlyph app below to get started.
And get those creative juices flowing.

What’s in it for you?

When you use TruGlyph, not only will you get the ego boost of having the entire world see your creations – you’ll also be able to progress as a member of the community, shaping what the tool looks like and how it works.

Users earn prestige and progress through several features:


Badges allow artists to level up and earn rewards for the glyphs that they create.

Level Up

Each level varies in complexity, and glyph creators are incentivized to level up.

Glyph Creator

Create the glyphs themselves and submit them to our community.

Comment & Engage

Engage in the community of members to help improve the quality of glyphs.

Glyph Voter

Voters will carry their own badges and recieve rewards for voting on glyphs.

Glyph Reviewer

Review glyphs other members have submitted and earn additional rewards.

Badge Currency

There is a financial incentive for members making a high number of glyphs.

Badging Profile

Each profile has various advancements that members can take advantage of.

Back to Basics

At their core, our videos are a human voice matched with drawn imagery – two of the earliest forms of human communication – and they can be adapted to any story.

The TruGlyph app from Truscribe allows our user community to deliver messages clearly and compellingly. Because whiteboard videos are so succinct and clear, they can relate to any topic, however sophisticated or casual. The result is engagement, entertainment, and user action.

In other words: This is a sophisticated tool, sure, but it gets at the most basic and powerful ways humans communicate with each other.

Don’t Miss Out!

Become a part of this amazing community and help build something great.

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