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We are crowdsourcing a Global Visual Language, and we’re asking creatives – artists, word nerds, and everyday folk, to join our community and contribute to our efforts through our TruGlyph app. And we need your help to create the TruGlyph Marketplace that will reward those that contribute in the most meaningful ways. We believe crowdsourcing
and crowdfunding go hand in hand.

Crowdsource Marketplace.jpgWhile the internet and social platforms help us reach people anywhere on earth, we are worlds away from the technology helping us to be understood across languages and cultures. People are visual observers and learners, but we’re often limited to text and audio when we want to communicate in meaningful ways. We believe that a Visual Language is the first step in allowing people to communicate visually.

Visually representing even a single language is an incredible undertaking and even more so as we’re reaching across the world. Which is why we can’t do it alone, nor should we do it alone, and why crowdsourcing is the only way we will accomplish it. We want to capture how language is used differently in New York compared to Los Angeles, and how that differs from language in Buenos Aires and Singapore.

Language isn’t defined by the dictionaries that print it, but by the people that use it.

The building block of this language is the Glyph, a simple image that animates as if drawn and is associated with words and context. The community is already using our TruGlyph app to draw glyphs, tag them with words, and play games that pit glyph versus glyph asking the player to decide which has more meaning. When a glyph increases in meaning and rises up to become part of the Global Visual Language, it’s because of their efforts. Which is why we need to reward them.

TruGlyph Marketplace Kickstarter3The marketplace will be a system that allows creatives who contribute to the global visual language in the most meaningful ways to be rewarded and compensated for their efforts. This funding will allow us to continue developing the logic that determines the “meaningful” ranking of a glyph and individual member contributions to that ranking. We will add connectivity to the app allowing members to share their work, learn from each other, and grow a following around their work. Lastly we will build content that will teach members how to contribute in the most meaningful way so they can earn rewards from the marketplace.

Watch the video below to learn more about our TruGlyph Marketplace Kickstarter.

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