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Transform your words into moving messages.  But can you really produce a whiteboard animation in minutes? We know new tools and software can have a learning curve.  So click below and we will work together to build your first project using our software, free of charge!


Here's the scoop...

Modern business depends on efficient knowledge transfer . Ideas must be expressed, transmitted, and received by an audience that is highly information - dependent and geographically separated.

The sheer volume of information is expanding faster than our capacity to efficiently transfer
it as meaningful knowledge.

“The outcome is true knowledge transfer based in the science of human perception.”

- John Parsons, Intuideas, Inc.

There's way too much noise!

There is more competition for limited audience attention in an ever crowded pool of information available online.  Use online video to make marketing messages simpler, more engaging, and more easily understood without losing important detail.

You deserve to be heard and understood.

TruScribe enables you to generate effective video that breaks through the “noise”.

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The video at right is one of our favorite examples from a LinkedIn Influencer who used it for her blog.
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