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Executives who use best practices lead the teams that win the most against competition. Guest author Robin Weinick has shared one of many actionable Resonant Leadership tools here which you can start using today. Keep reading to uncover this leadership secret (used by leaders around the world!) and gain a competitive advantage: Uncover how to
Managing voice over recordings for over 30 years, you learn a thing or two. I’m happy to share the simple lessons that have delivered consistently excellent results all these years. Use Professional Talent There are many agencies that can help you find and hire voice over talent remotely. They allow you to search their talent
When you’re writing a voiceover script, you’re writing for the ear, not the eye. We hear someone speak to us from the instant we’re born, whereas reading comes much later. Our brains process information differently when we hear it vs. read it. This means different rules and best practices apply to writing a great voiceover
Things to Know Before Using Professional Whiteboard Video Production
Why Professional Whiteboard Video production? In today’s fast-paced world, businesses must find unique ways to grab the attention of potential customers. We also need to hold interest long enough to convey the message. With the ever-growing popularity of online video content, more and more companies are turning to professional whiteboard video production as an effective
Presenting a complex topic often results in an audience with glazed -over expressions, or hours of agonizing preparation to avoid those blank stares. Preparation is essential and can be simplified when you know how to use visuals to engage, explain and boost retention. There is no definitive answer to whether drawn images are better than
HINT: Peripheral Vision, Dopamine, & constant motion! Check out the 90 second video below. In the video and this post we explore how brain science can boost message engagement and retention. Tap into the brain’s natural sensitivity to movement and addiction to surprise- you’re already on your way to more effective video communication! What makes
As a case study, brutalism helps us think about the value of simplicity in design. There's a reason the style was popular, and might be coming back. You can communicate a lot of messages by employing simple visual design.
A question, to set the tone: would you rather have wealth or fame? It’s not an uncommon question, and it seems easy—either one would be great. It’s actually easier than that since the two are fairly inextricable. The overused phrase “famous for being famous” rarely applies to those in poverty, and extreme wealth almost always makes one
We use real drawings and the artist's real hand to create an authentic human connection that leads the viewer while supporting the message.