Consulting Services


There is no time more important to create clarity for your A-team than when they are meeting to discuss, debate, and decide on the next steps in your company journey. Use us to visualize the conversation in real-time to clarify positions, spur collaboration, spark new ideas and capture the genius moments at your next meeting.


We are in the room, at the board, helping your team see each other’s ideas more clearly.


Processes and paths are better travelled when your team can see it laid out before them.


We help you tell your story as well as we help you show your story.




When something is being created out of thin air the best thing we can start with is building rapport and relationship. We learn about your team’s objectives and needs and we assign the team, activities and process to achieve those goals.

Environmental Set-up

The night or hours before the meeting begins, we will work on-site with your teams to set-up materials, sound, lighting and anything else that’s required for success. We are flexible, attentive to detail and responsive to unforeseen challenges when it’s show-time.


We draw the questions and ideas presented by your members for the team to consider and debate. Other than clarifying or confirming what we hear, our contributions are primarily visual. We adapt to the room, absorb feedback and communicate with the facilitator before, during breaks and at the days end.

Finishing Work

After the buzz of fruitful or intense meetings, there is palpable potential in the air. The genius of the group has been captured on the board, but it can’t stay there. Those present retain those images in their memory, but we work with you reinforce those memories through infographics, visual presentations and even written summaries to share the results of your meeting with stakeholders.

Meetings and Workshops

It’s imperative that your team clearly communicate their ideas that can get lost amidst many strong voices over a multi-day meeting. During a meeting, at the spark of an idea, words fail to convey them clearly. Graphic facilitation allows us to interpret words and refine ideas so everyone sees the same picture before moving forward.

Our Services

Always innovating, our whiteboard animation videos have defined the standard in the industry. Make your story memorable and see the change that follows.

We use Graphic Recording to make big ideas and inspiring moments tangible by bringing creative visualization to keynote and speaker sessions.

We amplify your teams ability to solve big problems and pinpoint the future with Idea Boarding. Real-time visualization of ideas leads to clearer insights.

Clients Testimonials

"It was so easy working with you and the rest of your team. I must say this was one of the more enjoyable projects that I've been on and it was primarily due to you guys. Everyone was so professional and efficient. Please thank them for me. Thank you again for a great product. Our Corporate VP just viewed it and was extremely pleased with the outcome. Hopefully we have more projects in the future together."

Edwards Lifescience

"Just finished reviewing both of the videos and have posted final comments. Can I say that it has been a pleasure dealing with you and your team. You have been so professional and the communication through the online portal has been excellent. You have done a great job with the video production and we’re very happy with the result!"

Australian Money Market

Waste Management

"Darcy and I were just talking about what a professional and fun experience it has been with your team and the processes. For me it has been the best vendor-partner experience in my career. Agree, a perfect 10! I really appreciate how streamlined your processes are, very efficient!"