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Draw Attention

As a modern marketer, you’re also an innovator—always seeking new ways to attract and engage an audience, motivate action, and keep messages memorable. In today’s challenging marketing landscape full of clickbait and clutter, staying on the cutting edge is crucial. TruScribe collaborates with you to create unique and universal content drawn to change how people see, think, and act.

Brand Awareness


Draw your audience in and keep them engaged with Scribology. Promote, keep your social channels fresh, and connect with the ideals of your audience.

Increased Response


TruScribe ensures your message is clear and compelling. Viewers watch Scribology videos longer, increasing the potential they’ll hear and heed your call to action.

Top of Mind


Scribology content is effective because it’s rooted in neuroscience: visual content with audio is far more memorable than content that’s just visual or just audio.

How Innovative Marketers Use TruScribe Services


Create unique business and product explainer videos. Launch comprehensive video campaigns. Liven up your social media content with Scribology micro-videos or GIFs. Maintain a video library to draw viewers to your website.


Bring graphic recording into your webinar to drive engagement while increasing retention and encouraging interaction. Leverage live-streamed professional graphic recording from anywhere you present.


Transform meaningful information and pertinent data about industry leadership, services and products, or market trends into eye-catching content that boosts retention and is far more shareable than a spreadsheet.


Make your event one to remember by putting graphic recording front and center. Big boarding can be used for major conferences or boardroom meetings. Complement a speaker or capture a meeting, and emerge with tangible takeaways.

Did you know?


Percent of Internet users watch videos.


Increased click-through rate of emails including video.


Infographics are liked and shared up to 3 times more than other visual content.


Visuals+audio leads to a 55% increase in retention over audio alone.

Our Services

Always innovating, our whiteboard animation videos have defined the standard in the industry. Make your story memorable and see the change that follows.

We use Graphic Recording to make big ideas and inspiring moments tangible by bringing creative visualization to keynote and speaker sessions.

We amplify your teams ability to solve big problems and pinpoint the future with Idea Boarding. Real-time visualization of ideas leads to clearer insights.