Transmit any message effectively

Through a whiteboard video that communicates complex ideas.

Change the way people see, think, and act with


TruScribe’s proven storytelling methodology that helps you:

Get a clear and consistent corporate messaging

Push the company culture to evolve and perpetuate

Get rid of boring PowerPoint presentations

Onboard new talent faster

Streamline and improve internal/external communications

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Scribology In Action

Backed by neuroscience and behavioral research

Over 4,000 + videos for over 1,000 clients

Testimonials from our clients

“THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is so great, we couldn’t have asked for anything better. It’s exactly what we wanted, and I am looking forward to starting the next video with you guys here soon!”

“My boss admitted his skepticism to me early on. He couldn’t envision how the drawings were going to come together with the leadership concepts. Well, your team knocked it out of the park. We love the videos (even my boss). Your team is very creative and it really showed. They did a great job bringing the concepts to life with the drawings and voice.”


Testimonials from our clients

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Job Title, The Company


TruScribe works perfectly for companies looking to speed up its onboarding process and increase culture adoption.

Focused oriented storytelling

Our hand-drawn images will keep your audiences focused on the most important parts of your message.

Increased effectiveness

Our dedicated artists employ scientific principles and years of experience to create striking content.

Elevate any message to the minds of your audience

Transmit company ideas and objectives that require simple explanation easily and effectively

Proven methodology

Scribology is a science-based methodology used by TruScribe to guarantee the viewer will understand and store every single bit of information.

Consistent style across any media

Our explainer videos remain consistent in style and tone regardless of the topic or industry.

Make learning fun

Unlike traditional presentation-based training. At TruScribe we strive to keep the audience engaged and wondering what’s coming next.