The science of moving messages

We created the science of whiteboard videos – and it’s called ScribologyTM. Scribology is where creativity meets behavioral science – increasing attention, retention, and learning.

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Why whiteboard videos?

Because people remember them.
We’re all bombarded with messages each day – and only some will resonate.
Whiteboard videos are proven to engage, entertain, and drive positive action.

hero-lady-sketch-2Videos for every purpose

Whiteboard animation videos give you marketing that drives action, demonstrations that captivate, and education that sticks with your audience.

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The power to create

TruScribe® Suite is your DIY solution for creating outstanding whiteboard videos. Jump in, get creating, and reach your audience like never before – no design experience necessary.

  • What a professional and fun experience it has been with your team and the processes. For me it has been the best vendor-partner experience in my career.

    David Voorhees Waste Management
  • Perfect 10! I really appreciate how streamlined your processes are – very efficient!

    Darcy Martoccia Waste Management
  • Just finished reviewing both of the videos and have posted final comments. Can I say that it has been a pleasure dealing with you and your team. You have been so professional and the communication through the online portal has been excellent. You have done a great job with the video production and we’re very happy with the result! Many thanks!

    Sue Stokes Australian Money Market

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The TruScribe App features a library of glyph designs submitted by
artists and designers. Make your mark using TruGlyphTM.

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