Our Method

We love to draw. Every line directly supports your message. No extraneous doodles or flourishes. Sure, we’ll add other media when it adds value to the story. But we’re always making the complex simple and delivering that human heart/mind connection.

Our approach to storytelling is based on neuroscience. “Scribology” is our application of that research. It guides how we develop memorable stories that grab viewer attention.

Our Vision

We make communication more effective by expanding the way the world understands and retains ideas, situations, and opportunities.

Our Guarantee

We’ve delighted customers since our first video in January 2011. Our clients consistently provide positive feedback. This gives us the confidence to offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t receive at least a 200% return on your project that follows the TruScribe production process. Simply contact your TruScribe representative and we will write you a check for the value of our work.

Well-Crafted Process

From kickoff to video delivery, TruScribe’s video production process is effective, collaborative, and straightforward.


Even if your topic is highly complicated or
technical, our skilled artists will transform your message into a finished video in 20 working days. Even fewer days if it is expedited!


Every step of our production process is visible to you and whomever you designate through our online collaboration portal

  • Make script comments
  • Annotate each version of your drawings
  • Review and comment on your video


Andrew ‘AJ’ Herkert

CEO & Co-Founder

Jim Herkert

COO & President, Co-Founder

Glenn Gautier

CRO & Executive Producer

Corey Erickson

Senior Director of Sales 

Ben Schram

Creative Director

What We Care About – Our Values

  “Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.– Mark Twain


Open Letter to Shareholders

Dear TruScribe Shareholders, Employees, Clients, and Friends, Our journey over the past 14 years has been marked by significant achievements and valuable lessons. Our brand's strength lies in our dedication to our customers. As Sam Walton wisely said, "The company has...

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