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Illustrated Brand Content

Expanded Storytelling Solutions

Hand-drawn whiteboard videos deliver a distinctly human connection to content. Clever illustrations are universally understood. Our hand-drawn whiteboard style grabs attention and holds it.

Drawings are designed to elevate your message, make complex ideas simple, and provide a framework for understanding. Trusted by the biggest brands to drive results and continually innovate.

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Production Process

Options in visual style, scripting, sound, and more




Music and Sound

Illustrated Conversation

TruScribe’s Illustrated Conversation visualizes group discussion to drive engagement and participation. Attendees are drawn to visual representations of their perspectives. The visuals are memorable and concisely summarize the group’s conversation so it is immediately accessible to those beyond the event, serving as a catalyst for action.

In-Person Graphic Recording

An artist attends your event and illustrates the conversation as it unfolds. Captured on screen for a large audience or on a large art board for a smaller breakout, the technique scales with your audience.

Virtual Graphic Recording

Tired of boring online meetings? Invite an artist to illustrate the conversation as it unfolds. Participants will be fascinated and pay attention as the drawings document what people are saying.

Illustrated Presentation Support

Simplify complex slides and stand out from the stock photo/clip art crowd. Our artists illustrate key concepts in your presentation or the entire deck. Custom illustrations precisely support your message, keeping the focus on you. Payoff? The audience will remember what you said.


A hand-drawn infographic grabs attention because it’s simple and approachable. What a great way to start a sales presentation, poster discussion or a marketing campaign. We offer three different styles and are always willing to innovate for you.


Lightly connected information. The message points are most impactful as individual facts.


Highly connected information, where connection between the message points is very important.


Information is presented in a shared illustration, providing a framework for understanding the message as a whole.