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Marketing content creators tend to focus on best practices, and zero in on what they can and should do to achieve maximal engagement with their target audiences and produce the best outcomes for their organizations.  But even the best marketing efforts can be derailed by making even one or two major mistakes—so let’s take a
If you’re in the consumer packaged goods (or CPG) space, you know better than most the unique advantages of challenges of the business.  As Shopkick puts it, “Companies that produce or sell CPGs have the advantage of enduring demand, as consumers will always need these products… but, the CPG market is saturated, and switching costs are low for consumers who
If you work in the financial sector, storytelling might not be the first technique that comes to mind in handling complex, often difficult conversations with clients and associates.  You might be more interested in ‘getting down to business,’ and explaining concepts, predictions, and approaches directly.  Despite this understandable hesitancy, though, your conversations probably already involve
There are few topics that matter more to people than their finances, and it’s no mystery why.  Yet despite the importance of financial security, many of us struggle to understand the intricacies of our finances, and as CNBC reported in 2018, avoid the topic with surprising regularity. As a financial organization, you need to break
Creativity has become sufficiently understood and celebrated that, looking back, it’s hard to imagine a time when it was considered unimportant.  But pieces like Theodore Levitt’s 1963 article “Creativity is Not Enough,” provide a full-throated opposition to the value of creativity in business. To let the fantasy-prone creative types have their way, Levitt insists, would
visual storytelling
We use visual storytelling for many different business needs, from enhancing marketing initiatives through the sales cycle and beyond.  Telling stories through the power of imagery is a great way to strengthen a message and drive engagement in your audience.  In this piece, we look at how visual storytelling can transform your organization’s training programs,
It seems like we’re stuck with ‘the attention economy,’ despite numerous voices calling out the phenomenon as unhealthy and unfortunate.  The term, traced to theoretical physicist Michael Goldhaber’s 1997 announcement that the world’s economy was transitioning from a material-based economy to an attention-based one, is certainly not new, but seems to become more accurate every
video story
There are a lot of ways that whiteboard animation can truly supercharge your audience’s engagement and retention—but there are also a lot of ways that it can miss the mark.  Instead of exploring these positives and negatives through purely theoretical discussion, let’s use the following script segment to show the results of best (and less
“Symbols are as old as humans,” Jeremy Miller writes, and anyone who has seen the cave paintings of our ancestors would be hard-pressed to prove him wrong.  Symbols and icons are “markers”, immediately comprehensible visuals (and, depending on whose definition you prefer, words and gestures as well) that can be nearly universally understood.  Let’s examine