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A question, to set the tone: would you rather have wealth or fame? It’s not an uncommon question, and it seems easy—either one would be great. It’s actually easier than that since the two are fairly inextricable. The overused phrase “famous for being famous” rarely applies to those in poverty, and extreme wealth almost always makes one
Classic 70's cinema highlights design principles like framing, voice, accent color, message, image density, and human forms.
Let’s look at TruScribe's design principles of Scribology at work in gaming - looking at outstanding games of the last twenty-plus years.
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Learn how to write a product video script so you don't lose viewers due to the by-the-numbers nature of some of the material.
2021 Life Sciences Video Trends to Watch
Life sciences industry video trends in 2021 are pushing towards digital video and tools, remote work and training, and omnichannel delivery.
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visual storytelling for your brand
As your brand defines itself through visual storytelling, make sure to really tell a story, with eye-catching visuals that are in sync with that story.
Human hand, strong synchronization, simple designs, great audio, and a compelling medium are some reasons why whiteboard video is effective.
Financial services and fintech video trends in 2021 include high-quality, mobile-friendly, and personable material.
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Video is key for sales enablement. It can be used throughout the sales cycle and it always provides value through personalization.
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