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whiteboard video for sales
When making videos for B2B sales, make them engaging, and try to add that personal touch. It’s hard to overstate the difference it can make.
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How to use whiteboard video for HR

Whiteboard Video for HR Content

With whiteboard video for HR content, you will see higher engagement, higher retention, lower costs, accurate employee expectations, and more.
Simplicity in Whiteboard Video
In whiteboard video, simple design allows your video’s core—that all-important message—to reach your audience without disruption.
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Video Marketing for LinkedIn
Video content is in demand on LinkedIn. Ready to link your video strategy to LinkedIn? Here are a few tips and a few things to try.
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How to Use Design Thinking for Business
Design thinking allows a focus on the future, not just the present. Let’s take a look at design thinking, and how you can use it in your business.
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How to Collaborate with your Video Production Company
Let’s walk through the whiteboard video production process and identify ways you can collaborate for a superior final product.
Time to learn how to set up your lighting, audio, and camera to optimize your work from home setup. Watch this before your next remote meeting and WOW your colleagues.
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What makes a high-quality whiteboard video?
From script to the final edit, your whiteboard video will be high-quality if you’ve developed each of its components to articulate and support your message.
5 W's of Using Infographics for Your HR Content
Dive into the who, what, when, where, and why you need to introduce visual storytelling and infographics as part of your Human Resources content.