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There’s something particularly arresting about drone photography that is absolutely on display in the 2021 Drone Photo Awards, fifteen entries of which are showcased by CNN here.  I think the singular magic of the technique is its ability to change how we think about visual storytelling. It’s understandable to think of visual storytelling—and storytelling more
What is it that truly makes customers respect a company today? More and more, the answer lies in the company's values, and how they express them. How do you present your values to your customers?
Storytelling, customer research, narrowing your target audience to the point of personalization, using strong content marketing—these might’ve been on marketers’ minds in 2019, but they’re no longer merely good ideas.  In 2021, they were absolutely requisite.
We know that our clients are clever enough to understand our design principles and content creation methods, and this is why we don’t tell them what to do. We do, however, make recommendations--read on to learn why!
While much time and energy is spent on certain learning styles, the visual learning style deserves more focus--and one great way to serve visual learners is whiteboard video!
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Learning styles are no longer considered quite as set-in-stone as they once were—and that's a good thing. We're learning that we're all at least partly visual learners, and our learning styles change over time.
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We might associate storytelling with many endeavors, including entertainment, but many of us might be surprised to know how beneficial the practice can be in healthcare—for both patients and providers.
Whether you're committed to the fundamentals of storytelling or looking to try something different, like gamifying your communications, one thing is for sure: storytelling in design is vital to lasting and meaningful engagement with your customers.
Whiteboard video is good for your online presence--very good. Join us as we zero in on some great ways to leverage the strengths of your whiteboard video to engage your customers and elevate your brand's online presence!