Bring more creativity into your business.


B2B Video Marketing Strategies
When it comes to successfully weaving video into your B2B marketing strategy, you really only need to remember 3 key principles.
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Characteristics of Creativity in Business
Through our research and experience, we’ve narrowed down what we’ll call "The 6 C’s", key characteristics of creativity in business.
10 Recommended Video Marketing Books
Here are 10 video marketing books we recommend for you whether you’re just starting on your content journey or you’re looking to fine-tune your existing plan.
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7 Corporate Videos
If you’re aiming to post (or produce) a video per day, these 7 types of video can boost your brand, enhance your ROI, and raise your click-through rate. One for each day of the week—lather, rinse, repeat!
Content Marketing Budget
A content marketing budget can be complex; with so many competing line items, how can you be sure that you’re allocating your dollars wisely?
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Repurpose content from blog posts to video to social sharing

How to Repurpose Content

There are dozens of ways to repurpose content that’s past its prime. Ways that can generate revenue, create social buzz, and gain a fresh audience for your message.
How Creativity Works in Business
Need some inspiration for understanding how creativity works in business?Here are some examples we found of companies that experienced increasing success as a result of getting creative.
Barriers to Creativity and Innovation
Adding creativity to your business may not currently be standard operating procedure. But with a little knowledge around common pitfalls and how to conquer them, you can put your business on a fast track to creative success. Here are a handful of obstacles
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TruScribe Booth at a Recent Event

Networking for Introverts

Tips from a TruScriber about networking for introverts.
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