Stay current on trends on whiteboard animation, hand-drawn content, and creativity in business.


Trying to create a content marketing strategy without using video nowadays is like trying to cross a river without a floating device. You might be able to do it, but the chances are you will arrive exhausted, frustrated, and wet. Here is a guide that will help you choose the right video to cross that river, depending on which stage of the buyer’s journey you are trying to impact.

Business Trends in Video Marketing

We recently reviewed an annual report from Vidyard which documents trends in B2B and B2C video for 2019 and years prior.
Here are some of our takeaways on the state of the industry and the current trends in video marketing for business.

Book Recommendations for Creative Businesspeople

9 books we recommend for business people across a variety of categories who find themselves trying to gain, maintain, or sustain that elusive quality of creativity.

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Is creativity a skill or talent?

To unlock our innate talent to think creatively, we need to build back up the confidence, skill, and imagination we had as children.

Podcast Recommendations for Creative Entrepreneurs

A selection of our favorite podcasts to turn on based on wherever you may land on the business creativity spectrum.

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What are the components of whiteboard animation?

Whether you’ve seen something called “whiteboard animation,” “scribe video,” “hand-drawn video” or even “doodle video,” chances are you’re familiar with whiteboard video in one of its various manifestations.

Stop writing your script and read this first

There are three techniques you can keep in mind when writing a script for an explainer video. Keeping these techniques in mind will give you a basic framework to build off of and hopefully help to elevate your writing as a whole.

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Graphic of a video with a price tag

“How much will my whiteboard animation video cost?”
As with any video or creative project, the answer to that question can be complex and depends on a number of variables. And it’s an answer that’s ever changing. But here are a few insights from our experience.

carrot or stick?

Why focus on creativity in business? What are the advantages? How does creativity help your company grow?

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