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When you turn blog content into video, you start production from a great place. It’s not redundant, it’s cost-effective and, in the long run, lucrative.
Using video content and infographics as part of your corporate training can have a positive effect on its success. Here are some guidelines to follow.
What does research say about visual storytelling?
Visual storytelling is not just a buzzword or trend. It’s a mode of communication, and as the research shows, it's highly effective at engaging an audience.
From highly-relatable trends like live-broadcasting and customer-sourced stories to more esoteric ones like hyperreality, the way of the future is the way of the real—or at least, the convincingly real.
Give your creativity a boost
Entrepreneur Coach Michael Noice wants us to understand creativity as the single largest determiner of success in the modern era.
How Creativity and Innovation Enhance Business Growth and Development
A continued dedication to creativity, and innovative use of creative ideas can drive a business’ growth impressively.
Creative content for L&D
5 ways to Incorporate Creative Content into L&D You know the Learning and Development team plays a vital role. They’re intrinsic when it comes to attracting a prospective employee, retaining that employee and keeping them actively motivated and engaged. They’re a go-to resource for deepening the capabilities of even your most seasoned talent. And they
Jordan Peele has, with just two films, defined himself as a focused filmmaker with a truly personal style. His use of design principles help us see why.
With his "Dead" series, George Romero showed that monster movies could be driven by design principles.