9 Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation Videos for Business

Are you looking to spruce up your website content with engaging video? Or are you trying to find ways to make employee training more interesting?

For these reasons and more, whiteboard animation services can be just the solution you’re looking for.

A whiteboard animation video is an explainer video, typically used to sell a product or describe a system. Whiteboard animation videos are incredibly effective for communicating complex ideas. Using whiteboard animation can boost attention and retention for your audience.

Here are nine reasons why you might consider whiteboard animation.

Whiteboard animation services might be right for you if…

1. Your idea is complex

If the product or system you want to describe is intricate or highly technical, a whiteboard video can help. People often get bored during explanations, and the more detailed those explanations are, the harder it is to focus.

Whether you’re pushing a product on a squeeze page, or sharing a new business process with your team, using a high-quality whiteboard animation video to get your point across will maintain high interest for as long as the video is playing. This is because whiteboard animations are fast-moving, visually detailed, and often colorful, which makes them easy and fun to watch—for as long as it takes to explain the idea.

2. You need to cover a lot of ideas all at once

For reasons similar to those presented above, a whiteboard video is ideal if you need to cover a large amount of information in the presentation. With ideas unfolding visually as the narrator describes what’s going on, you can get away with including a lot of different ideas in the same video, without losing viewer interest.

3. You need to get another business’s attention

Did you know that whiteboard animation videos are just as effective for B2B marketing? The industrial-yet-casual look-and-feel of whiteboard animation lends itself remarkably well to a corporate environment.

Whiteboard animation services can give you a significant edge over competing companies when you approach other businesses with your offer.

4. You want to avoid lousy actors at all costs

With whiteboard animation, you don’t have to hire actors to play in your video. This mean significant cost savings, but it can also save you serious embarrassment—good, convincing actors can be difficult to find, and bad ones will have your audience cringing through the entire presentation. Animation overthrows this problem altogether.

5. You plan to use social media marketing

If you want to use YouTube or social media ads for your marketing, whiteboard animation videos lend themselves quite well to that format. People like them, so you have a good chance of getting views and clicks—and sales.

(Fun fact: Did you know there are 300 billion searches conducted on YouTube alone, every month? If you want your share of that traffic, using whiteboard animation videos may be your best bet.)

6. You want to tell a story

If you want your video to tell a part of your brand’s story, no one will do that better than whiteboard animation services. Disney proved almost a hundred years ago that animation is an extremely effective way to tell stories. Why not follow that tradition?

7. You want to use humor

If you want to incorporate humor into your video presentation, whiteboard animation is one of the best ways to get laughs. Amateur actors can be awkward and annoying when they try to be funny on camera, but in whiteboard animation’s laid-back visual style, it can communicate humor flawlessly.

8. You want to reuse old audio content

If you want to repurpose other types of content you have lying around—say, a podcast episode, or a speech you gave—you can pair preexisting audio with whiteboard animation. This will help you capitalize on content you’ve already created, and it will definitely breathe new life into it.

9. The subject you need to share is really boring

If you’re trying to present something boring, but important—legal terms, for example—whiteboard animation can help you do that effectively. People tend to learn better when they see something being explained visually. Using animation alongside narration can help your audience better understand and remember what you’re sharing.

And there you have it—nine reasons why whiteboard animation is awesome for business purposes. Hopefully, these points have inspired you with your own ideas for using whiteboard animation services.