Announcing Scribe For Action Program for Nonprofits

In 2013, the team here at TruScribe really stepped up our game in terms of acquiring new business, meeting project goals, and making a unique product that impresses and astounds. And in the spirit of these successes, we were happy to provide whiteboard video messages for a number of nonprofit organizations, work that was completed pro bono.

Most recently, these projects included Magazine Literacy, which uses periodicals to promote reading skills in all ages, and Things of My Very Own, Inc., a service donating provisions to children recently free of an abusive situation.

In 2014, we established a program for nonprofits that we’re calling Scribe For Action, and we need your help getting the word out. We will be awarding full service productions, and we’ll select up to four qualified nonprofits to receive a whiteboard video for promotion, information, or program enrichment.

One area we have been committed to in the past is Education. We’re constantly striving to learn more, from each other, from our clients, and with this program, from a small but dedicated group of people committed to their cause.

We like to think our whiteboard videos produce “brain candy,” the neurological rewards of new information presented in a unique way. And while this is a feature our clients certainly enjoy, we wanted the chance to provide this powerful tool to some of the organizations that could really use it, but maybe don’t have a budget for it.

So if you’re involved in a nonprofit that promotes education, consider applying. Our whiteboard videos are produced by a dedicated team of professional writers, voice talent and expert artists, which provides a unique opportunity for nonprofits to share their message.

Please visit the Scribe For Action page for more information on rules and applying.