Benefits of Using Whiteboard Videos to Promote Your Brand

Marketing and promotional videos come in many shapes and sizes. And with the proliferation of technology, users can be more creative than ever. But the simple, engaging, and interactive whiteboard video is still one of the very best ways to share information about your business, service or product, and brand. Many enterprises are choosing whiteboard animation videos as their go-to. Here are some reasons why.

Whiteboard Video Is Easily Adapted to Your Service or Product

While straight animations, talking head videos, and cinematic narratives can’t be applied to any subject or brand, whiteboard video can. If your industry is too serious for animated videos but requires greater veracity than those that use cinematic narrative, while still feeling more credible than many talking-head videos can feel, whiteboard video is the bridge. Whether you’re teaching about your industry, demonstrating a product, or preparing a video the intention of which will be to entertain as much as promote, whiteboard video is a flexible option.

No Video Style Shares Information as Clearly as Whiteboard Video

And it can share a lot of it in a short amount of time. Visual information is retained many times more quickly than other ways of conveying information. But the images in whiteboard videos are not remote: they can be accompanied by narration, or further graphics to reinforce the primary images. And if your whiteboard video is sales- and conversion-oriented, that’s a lot of concise content, including calls to action, packed into a three-minute engagement.

Whiteboard Videos Are Dynamic

Live-action, straight animation, and talking-head videos tend to reach for the stars, yielding busy, visually dramatic videos that all start to look the same after a while. There’s something to be said for doing what the other guy has overlooked, and the minimalist principles of whiteboard video give you the tools you need to place your message and brand front and center and distinguished from competing messages and brands.

Whiteboard Videos Boost Attention and Retention Well Beyond Initial Viewing

Conventional video promotions, relying as they do on visual information, remain with viewers far longer than competing formats. And dynamic, conversion-based whiteboard animation videos are likely to be retained for even longer. With broad and nearly ceaseless competition for the attention of users and potential customers, there’s something to be said for a unique approach that is brand- and message-centered and proven to stay with viewers far longer than other marketing media.

Whiteboard Video is Better for Conversion

Businesses using the internet to promote their brand are tracking conversions in more ways than ever before. And there are new ways almost daily: purchases, memberships, click-throughs, subscriptions, shares through social media, store visits, notification permissions, etc. Whiteboard video is the best format for seeking and winning all of those conversions and more. And promotions that use online videos have a tremendous range. Consider: about a third of internet traffic goes through video sites like YouTube. And a full billion hours of content is watched on YouTube every day. That’s a lot of eyeballs. There are tremendous advantages to having a concise, dynamic, and conversion-focused whiteboard video out there serving your brand.

Crafting dynamic conversion-focused whiteboard animation videos which keep your brand and message central can be a key sales tool and can promote your business in a unique and memorable way while achieving long retention and delivering sharp and converting calls to action. Learn more about whiteboard animation videos and whiteboard animation services today.