Change in 2019.

Whiteboard video services.

The word “change” is simultaneously a buzzword, a pivotal idea and a fact of life. 

Change can be fluid, signaling a shift in focus or energy. Change is informative- no matter the change, typically everyone learns something from it, whether it be about a topic or themselves.  Change can be a catalyst for a full-on transformation, or simply a small step in a new direction. Change requires a mix of logic, creativity, open minds, and solid ideas to succeed.

Reread the previous paragraph and substitute “whiteboard video” for “change.” The terms are pretty interchangeable (no pun intended)! Coincidental? Here at TruScribe, we think not. Over the past several years, our whiteboard animation videos– powered by Scribology and storytelling, driven by our expert team–have illustrated and explained for clients like NASA, Goodwill, Nestle, Microsoft, and CVS.  These are just a handful of names among thousands who count on TruScribe as a trusted partner as they navigate changes as vast as a galaxy or as tiny as a prescription label.

We’ve followed our clients’ example and learn to embrace change as a sign of growth and a necessary building block in a successful foundation. Like our clients, our company does best when challenged by new perspectives or inspired by different paths. And just as whiteboard animation has changed, TruScribe has changed over time. We started with a big idea and a stroke of a whiteboard marker. Through continual collaborating and creating with our clients and each other over time, we’ve developed best practices for whiteboard video production, we’ve streamlined our workflow to make our process even more flexible and agile, and we’ve come up with even more ways to tell your story.

You might not have heard any of that before, and that’s okay- we’ve been so focused on becoming the best possible whiteboard animation company to partner with that we’ve spent more time on the whiteboard than on the web. But that’s about to…wait for it…change.

Our brand new website is designed with you in mind. What types of solutions are you seeking?  Are there areas of your business that would benefit from succinct and memorable storytelling? Who have you been trying to reach, without really knowing how to reach them? Interested in whiteboard animation video, but without the whiteboard part- or without the animation part- or even without the video part?


Answers to these questions will soon populate our site, along with info about videos, events, and different levels of service that will rock your world, or at the very least, your video strategy. We envision the TruScribe website as a resource that remains fresh and relevant even as trends and topics change with time. We’ll share some of our Scribology secrets, introduce you to some of our veteran team members, and let you listen in on what our clients have to say about us. We’ll show you how we go beyond the whiteboard to offer unique resolutions to your unique issues. We’ve created more Scribology videos than any company in the world. Whatever destination you’re driving toward, chances are we’ve been there before. And we’re ready to go down the road with you.  Think of this website as mile marker one.

TruScribe visualizes words, ideas, and stories to change how people see, think, and act. If you have a project in mind or want to learn more, get in touch.