Elevate Your Customer Experience with Scribing: Marketing

When it comes to reaching new and broader audiences with your marketing messaging, nothing does the job quite like Scribing. When you partner with TruScribe, your marketing content will be more engaging. 

So how can Scribing revolutionize the way you market your organization?  Let’s look at some examples.

Expand your Funnel

First and foremost, expand your marketing funnel with video’s fourth stage: retention.  When you using Scribing to create engaging, memorable videos, you give clients a reason to check back with your site.  Provide valuable content, and you’ll see more return customers and, hopefully, a welcome boost in revenue.

Connect on Social Media

If your brand is looking to make a bigger splash on social media, then you’re ready for a Scribing solution. Create a series of sharable content for social media with TruScribe’s principled content creation. Take advantage of the guidelines of Scribology, content creation principles derived from neuroscience and psychology. Create visual stories that engage and stick with your viewers.

Scribing can do more than just create a content series for social media. It can help you grab viewers’ attention on a mobile device, or help you continue a theme or hashtag.  

Optimize for Mobile

TruScribe imagery is highly effective on mobile devices, as its simple designs and tight framing ensures that little is lost on a smaller screen.  Scribing can also create web banners or clickable ads with unmissable, interesting visuals that drive interest. Make sure your clickable ads are worth your time and money by partnering with TruScribe to make them truly outstanding.

Outside of social media, the same strengths of Scribing apply to any online video series your organization is considering creating. Keep website traffic high, and improve customer retention, by Scribing for success with your video series. 

Stand out from the Competition

Even if your intent is not to create a series, but to underscore a major achievement or moment for your organization through social media, Scribing can differentiate you from the competition and bring more interest to your posts.  

With hand-drawn images and purposeful use of color, your visual story will capture the attention of visitors.

In the same vein, Scribing can be used for smaller attention-grabbers—not just major events or series.  With a TruScribe .gif or micro-video, you’ll be enjoying the same boosts in engagement with your brand.  

Grab Attention

Viewers respond to short, simple videos, so embrace their preferences.  Chances are high that once your mini-video or .gif grabs their eye, they’ll stick around for your more substantive content.

Promoting a book or movie? Provide unique value by promoting through Scribing.  Show a different side of your story, expand on visuals, or choose another way to give audiences a first look at your work that will make it both stand out and excite.

Similarly, reinvent your television advertising with Scribing.  Instead of traditional live-action ads, create a visual story with focused messaging accompanied by great hand-drawn images.  Increase the retention of your message, stand out from the competition, and get ready for more viewers responding to your call to action.

Standing out from the competition doesn’t just have to happen on television, either. Scribing can set your brand apart in online videos as much as it can in other media.  When viewers reach your landing page, or YouTube channel, or wherever you share your videos, wow them with hand-drawn images, a moving human hand, and a well-voiced message.  

Inspire Action Around the World

Looking to inspire action for a non-profit?  How about helping viewers empathize with a powerful message, and take action?  Scribing is your answer—take your vital messages and give them the hand-drawn images and design principles to supercharge their effectiveness.  And when it’s time to color in a whitepaper and drive engagement, you guessed it: Scribing can do just that.  

When it comes to your international market, Scribing provides unique strengths in localization.  With whiteboard’s simple, universal designs, your message will get across faster and stay with your viewers longer.  

Draw your way behind the scenes by Scribing for a great look at your company or product.  When it comes to customer retention, these kind of ‘insider’ pieces are highly effective.  Increase that efficacy with an engaging hand-drawn video or infographic from TruScribe.

Connect with Customers in New Ways

Think also about Scribing for videos that don’t just take customers behind the scenes at your office: give clients access to company seminars and speaker presentations.  Make these normally inaccessible events open to your customers, and present them through the engagement and retention-boosting elements of Scribology.  

Another great idea for customer retention is the customer appreciation video.  Partner with TruScribe to thank your customers in a truly memorable way, with options for personalized messaging and imagery.  And when it’s time to invite attendees to a perennial event, use Scribing to make their invitation truly special.

Make Your Marketing More Interesting

You can also use Scribing to present marketing information that might otherwise feel dry.  When you’re presenting the results of a survey, present it with a TruScribe infographic, and let the visual story increase viewer interest in your information.  

The same is true of a case study. Instead of merely reciting facts, visualize them with just the right images, and say goodbye to wandering eyes.

Finally, let Scribing redefine your blog posts and content marketing that will drive attention to your site.  And once they’re there, welcome them with an accessible library of resources for them to navigate your site—rendered in enjoyable, effective Scribing style.

Ramp up your marketing with the engagement-boosting, retention-increasing strengths of Scribing.  And remember, this is not an exhaustive list. 

Can you think of more marketing efforts that could benefit from Scribing?  We’d love to discuss your ideas!