What is Your Business’ Content Plan?

Do you have a content plan for the next quarter?

The times of the billboard and flashing lights are dead as technology trends increase and truly map the path for innovation in our future. With this technology transition over the last couple of years we have seen the death of MySpace (which started it all!) and rise of Facebook along with apps and add-ons monthly, weekly, and even daily. We are now seeing a transition from Facebook, to YouTube, to Snap Chat (and don’t forget Instagram!) with viewers around the world chiming in more and more to video styles of all sorts. Snapchat and Instagram are becoming increasingly popular with the all generations these days, and let’s face it video for marketing, learning, or general corporate communication is here to stay as they are no longer “just a thing for millennials”.

We are in a period where the old text book and whitepapers are a thing of the past, and vlogs are the new trend for reviews. Though what if there was another style to video content that would make you stand apart from the typical talking head?

Not only is there another type, there’s a whole burgeoning industry around WHITEBOARD VIDEO!! In fact, the whiteboard video style has grown in popularity as a proven and useful style this year by 60% more than previous years. Industries are changing with the world and with that messages have been changing. Regardless if it is the broadcasters, publishers, marketers, or teachers they all have a mission to truly move their message.

We are often asked why has whiteboard become a more sought out solution over the years as video in general has increased in popularity? The answer is simple, complacency killed the cat! The world we know has turned to video so much the content overload can start to become daunting very quickly. You know those YouTube videos where they all start out the same with a “Subscribe here”, and now trending “don’t forget to comment for a random drawing or prize”. It’s even the same conundrum for leading marketers and corporate learning officers. Viewers are no longer watching videos for the content but for the prize, and chance to win or are skipping chunks of video to get to the point.

This is where a whiteboard video style comes in as it elegantly guides the viewer to watch the entire video and remember the key points more thoroughly because of brain science! This is where greater return on investment is proven by our Scribology method. The whiteboard video style causes a sense of surprise in the brain and forces the viewer to not only watch the video but listen to the story (you know: the real meaningful content we try to get heard) being told in more depth. This in turn increases engagement rates, and retention rates with any viewer. Ultimately increasing objectives for anyone trying to put together some good content.

We have come so far from cave paintings to the telegram to fibre-optic broadcasts. Best in class global leaders in the Fortune 500 and beyond are moving their messages with Whiteboard Video –  Are you going to do the same for your audience this year?

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