Fall Video Marketing Trends

We’ve always got our eye on trends in business, and so far, we’ve looked at the predicted trends for 2022 in communications, content marketing, tech, and ethics.  Today, we turn our attention to our favorite subject: video.  Join us for a look at the top trends in video and video marketing for 2022!

Shorter is Still Better

We’ll start with one that probably won’t surprise you: shorter videos are not going away.  As Mitchell Park writes, “With platforms such as YouTube using short ads that finish before the ‘Skip’ button pops up, short video ads are becoming the norm for many brands marketing on these platforms.”

Shortening video from fifteen minutes to two is smart, but predictions are that even more cutting is worth your… well, time.  Viewer’s attention spans aren’t getting longer—or, at least, conventional wisdom doesn’t seem to think they are.  So edit that video down and hold your viewers’ engagement!

With a Little Help from Your Friends

Then, there’s user-generated video, which both is and isn’t what it sounds like: video created by non-professionals that promotes your brand, usually without your spurring them to do so through payment or other incentives.  It’s great because it has a naturally authentic aesthetic, and shows others that your brand is exciting enough that your consumers are motivated to create video about it, for free.

Of course, user-generated video doesn’t have to be free, and it doesn’t have to be made by users.  In other words, the end result is more relevant than the journey when it comes to user-generated video.  To the ‘free’ question—how about a contest or giveaway that rewards the best user-generated video?  This can be a great way to drive engagement and encourage the creation of some reusable, strong content. 

And when it comes to user-generated content created by non-users, well, this is where the look/feel/aesthetic of the user-generated video proves itself to be so much more important than the genesis of that video.  Think about a property like Squid Game, an already wildly popular program made all the more popular by the videos of fans celebrating and recreating key moments from the episodes.

Videos of people trying to do the honeycomb challenge (in which players try to carve a shape out of a hard honeycomb candy without breaking the shape) were watched in droves, with the renditions by some of the most popular YouTubers reaching 12 and 45 million views (SSSniperwolf and the Stokes Twins, respectively).

These influencer-helmed user-generated videos drove colossal engagement back at Squid Game.  There was always another option, though, had these videos not sprung up—Squid Game’s cast and crew could’ve taken the reins and made their own personalized, authentic videos with similar content.

So, if you have some team members who like being on camera, and you can shoot a semi-amateur video with them to heighten interest in your product, 2022 is the year to do it.

The Tikking Clok

This dovetails well with another trend, one that may or may not make you groan: TikTok style videos.  “If you have scrolled any social media feed, almost every video is using the fun, fast, energetic style made popular on TikTok.  These short videos explain or tell about one thing with crazy dance moves, funny jingles, and stunts or pranks.”

Brief interjection/disclaimer here: claims about TikTok, particularly those tied to “fun” and “funny”, are not those of TruScribe, nor its affiliates.  But, despite the platform’s tendency to frequently devolve into weird, briefly-trending tangents, the ethos of this video marketing trend suggestion does hold water. 

TikTok is popular, so like the advice around user-generated videos, it’s worth engaging in.  As Randy Brooks’ character puts it in Reservoir Dogs, “You memorize what’s important, and the rest you make your own.”  On TikTok, what matters is infotainment: presenting your message alongside, or as a part of, some content that’s entertaining to your audience. 

Add It Up

Then, think about fusion—user-generated TikTok content is a fantastic strategy to pursue.  Again, whether it crops up naturally or arises as a response to a contest or other incentive, encourage and promote videos that spread infotainment on behalf of your brand. 

TikTok is inherently non-professional and able to leverage the benefits of user-generated video’s authentic look and feel—and finally, for the younger demographic, it’s perhaps the best content-creation platform you can utilize.  The platform has over a billion monthly users; for contrast, YouTube has over two billion.  Both of these numbers should be encouraging, as there is absolutely audience overlap and, depending on your target audience, using either platform provides an opportunity to get your message to at least one billion viewers. 

We’ll Do It Live

Moving back into trends on video type (not just style or publication location), be sure to take advantage of live streams.  Having “skyrocketed their importance in 2021… mainly because the COVID pandemic halted in-person experiences and events,” live stream videos provide continuous contact with your customers.

It’s easier than ever to stream with the proliferation of platforms like Twitch, and the unfiltered nature of live streams give them a great level of credibility that is difficult to attain with prerecorded video.  Customers can feel like they’re really there with your videographer at the event or show in question, and be able to engage with your streamers through real-time questions and comments.

The Cardinal Rule

These are just a few of the many video trends that are likely to become or remain dominant in 2022.  The Tech Funnel’s blog has perhaps the best final thought on the issue: “The future of marketing is in video.”  In other words, the only way you can go well and truly wrong in 2022 is by ignoring video entirely.  Following and emulating these trending concepts will help you succeed—but again, always do what most fits your company and messaging.  Just be sure to do it with video.