How to Fast Forward Your Video to Completion

Helpful Tips for working with TruScribe

Creating a whiteboard video is a fun process. You’re going to have a blast, but we also know you probably need it completed right away. We’ve compiled these five helpful tips from savvy customers who know how to deliver exactly what moves the process along. Our team had a few tips to help along the way. 

The Script is the Key to the Process

The magic of whiteboard is the spoken words from the script synchronized with the images specifically drawn to support those words. The combination delivers full engagement and impact to your audience. Since scripting drives the whole process, your script needs to be final and approved before we draw. Ask your producer for our Script Guide to assist your development efforts, or to share your thoughts with our writer. We can draft a script, use or edit the one you provide. 

Think About How You Want it to Sound

Considering your audience, message, and brand, how should the video sound? Male or female voice? Young or mature? Lively or serious. What about style of music? Every great video has a subtle score that plays in the background. Your producer can provide the Audio Questionnaire to share your thoughts if you like asynchronous as much as we do. We’ll provide plenty of samples from which to choose. 

Share What You Expect

One of the best things about being told a story are the images that come to mind as you hear the words. If you have specific visuals that must be included, please let us know. Your producer can share a Visual Questionnaire, also an optional collaborative document, as a helpful tool to gather and share graphics and images for our artists to reference. Be sure to tell us the title of the video, the closing call to action, mood or tone you want to convey, as well as the accent color you want to use. 

Consolidate Feedback

If you have multiple subject matter experts and stakeholders that comment on the video, consolidate ALL the comments and sort which to keep and which to pass along. Only pass on the final set of comments to our artists. This prevents re-work and keeps your project on budget. 

Use the Collaborative Workspace

To avoid a barrage of emails from multiple stakeholders and conflicting directions, use the dedicated collaborative workspace we set up just for your project. It’s a time saver because any comments entered are automatically emailed to everyone you identify as needing to know!

Best yet, our artists see every comment, allowing them time to think about how they can best accommodate your requests.  

Boom! That’s it!

You’re ready to rock. Employ these tips to master the production process with TruScribe and you will be creating more quality content faster than ever before.