How Professional Whiteboard Videos Improve Online Presence

Good web design doesn’t seem to be the most important element of an organization’s web presence anymore.  Well, it could be, in a bad way—if your website looks like a teenager made it, circa 1997, you’re going to be in trouble.  But far more frequently, the modern kiss of death comes in one of two forms: boredom, or impersonality.  The website that offers no reason to stick around, and the impenetrable, business-like monolith, are the true indicators of an online presence that can do no favors for an organization.

Extend these problems to social media, and pretty rapidly the end result suggests that an organization would’ve been better off without any online presence at all.  There are several ways, of course, to fix this—and one of the big ones is whiteboard video.

A Powerhouse Video Style

Whiteboard is a great bridge between professionalism and personability.  The medium is designed meticulously, from the language of the script to the final edit, and it shows.  It conveys professionalism in exactly the right ways: effort, attention to detail, focus, sincerity.  The hand-drawn nature of whiteboard adds a different dimension to the final product, however, that creates the best of both worlds: professionalism and personability.

The human hand onscreen, complementing the narrator’s voice, makes whiteboard feel natural and relatable.  It doesn’t detract from the professionalism, but rather expands it, making it the work of professional people with whom the viewer can feel a sense of intimacy.  It makes viewers consider the skill of the artist and the voiceover talent, and the offscreen editors in combining all the elements into the final piece.

Any video tends to be good for your online presence, as we understand modern audiences’ preference for video over other content is substantial—but not all video is created equal.  Compared to whiteboard video, clip-art computer-generated explainers and even many live-action videos are both uninspired and tired.  Whiteboard is decidedly novel to most viewers, meaning you’ll get a boost of interest from that newness in addition to the rare combination of human touch and professional feel that whiteboard boasts.

Whiteboard for Every Purpose

So how can you leverage whiteboard’s strengths best?  Frankly, anywhere you have an online presence is a great place to put your whiteboard content.  Your website landing page can feature one or more whiteboard videos, serving all manner of purposes—a “Who We Are” video is great for first-time visitors to the site, and a customer testimonial video can tell a great story of your organization’s impact on an individual’s life.

Customer testimonials are great in whiteboard video because they add even more humanity to the format, focusing on visual storytelling that’s inherently individual and real.  That’s why they don’t just need to be on your landing page—they can be on your more overt marketing pages, too, guiding customers deeper along their journey by backing up product claims with personal narratives.

Social Media: First Impressions and Beyond

Let’s shift gears just slightly, away from your website and towards social media.  People are arguably more likely to encounter your social media than your webpage, so this side of your online presence is arguably the most important.  How can you use whiteboard video here to improve that presence?

Remembering that its relative novelty means that it will be engaging almost automatically, use it liberally, and pick some interesting topics.  Tutorials are a great use of whiteboard video, especially if you work in some humor and personal storytelling.  Of course, you probably don’t want to debut a ten minute video on social media—but a two-minute one can still pack a fair amount of entertaining narrative around use of your product.

You might show Michelle putting together your lawnmower’s special feature (you’ve already included a person and a product tutorial) and getting the lawn mowed, right before her judgmental in-laws arrive.  Your product saved Michelle those sidelong glares—quite a bit of value, and a useful product, in any context!

This is how visual storytelling through whiteboard video can elevate your organization’s online presence: it’s personable, well-made, functional, and enjoyable, in two minutes of video.  It has no fixed demographic appeal, and can be almost infinitely customized to fit your message and/or target audience.

Whiteboard video can give your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram a blast of fun, effective content to drive up followers and encourage repeat visits.  Of course, Facebook allows for longer videos (at up to twenty minutes), while Twitter and Instagram require shorter durations (140 seconds and one minute respectively), so be sure that you create your videos with these requirements in mind.

Regardless of length or platform, if your audience is aware that your organization routinely posts enjoyable content like whiteboard videos, your online presence will see a major boost in visitors and followers, which can drive traffic to your site and, in turn, drive conversions. 

Content Marketing at its Best

Online presence is a great example of where content marketing (providing the audience something of value before direct promotion of your offerings) matters highly.  After all, why should someone spend time on a sales-oriented page that simply wants their money?  Your online presence needs to include something special to hold an audience.

Whiteboard videos provide just that something special, the differentiator that fits a familiar and favored mode (video) while approaching it in a fresh, highly engaging manner.  Surprise audiences and give yourself a boost in both professionalism and personality.

Think of it this way: while many are convinced that it’s attention spans that are dwindling in the modern era, I’d argue the real issue (if it is an issue) is desensitization.  We’re bombarded daily by what feels like innumerable advertisements and pleas for our focus, time, and money, and we’ve developed quite a thick skin.  You need something that can actually reach people on a level that actually feels new and interesting. 

Whiteboard can cut through the noise (both auditory and visual) and be the communication that actually makes your audience interested again.  You owe it them—and yourself—to make your online presence worthwhile and interesting.