How to Select the Best Whiteboard Animation Voiceover Talent

When you are creating a whiteboard animation video to promote a product or teach a demonstration, finding the right voiceover talent is critical. In fact, research shows that using the right voice can cause a 35% increase in conversion. Are you wondering how to find the perfect talent for your next piece?

Use these tips to ensure you find the best voice talent for your video.

1. Identify High Quality Voices

Do your homework and search for the highest-quality voiceover talent. Websites such as Voice Talent Productions and Voice Archive are a great starting place for locating talent online (and typically the work can be done from anywhere). Referrals are also a good way to find quality voice talent. Always ask for more than one sample recording from your talent prospects.

2. Use a Voice That Fits Your Audience and Brand

Be sure to keep your audience in mind when you select voice talent. For example, would a male or female voice be more persuasive? Is an accent required? If the video is geared toward children, you may want a voice that is higher and more enthusiastic compared to a sophisticated sound for high-end clientele.

3. Pay Attention to Subtle Voice Qualities

Don’t just listen to the talent for the sound of his voice. Pay attention to the qualities of his voice. Is the pitch and tone clear? Is he enunciating words clearly? Does the speaking rhythm flow? Is there something about his voice that is unique? A memorable voice will help people remember and identify the voice with your video/product.

4. Ask About Equipment

A voiceover professional should have his own studio equipment. This includes a studio-quality microphone. The right equipment is critical because the quality of the recording is what will make the difference in your video. The voice may be pitch-perfect, but if the recording has pops or sounds hollow, you have a problem.

5. Don’t Forget the Business Details

You may have identified a great voice talent, but be sure to always ask the important questions. For example, what is the turnaround time, and does it fit within your production schedule? In addition, always ask about a edit policy. If you need to change a part of the recording – even if it’s just a word or two – there is likely to be a edit charge. Know this ahead of time so you can plan your budget accordingly.

6. Never Say Never You

We usually recommend hiring professional talent. It’s simply the easiest and fastest way to get the best results. However, there may be occasions where you want to draw from talent in your own company. For instance, you might have a sales rep who just knows the material and can deliver it with ease. Or maybe your have a subject expert in your midst and since the material is based in her research, her voice would lend a lot of credibility. In these cases we never recommend recording on a laptop. Find someone who has some quality equipment, or get into a studio.

As you embark on your next video project, keep the above tips in mind as you select your voiceover talent. Remember the voice is equally as important as the content itself. The voice helps persuade, inform and build rapport with the audience. Do not ignore this critical part of your whiteboard animation or you may end up reducing the effectiveness of your efforts.

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