Content Marketing for Professionals: Enterprise Marketer

Is a whitepaper more effective for content marketing than a case study?

What’s the best way to target our next blog post?

Does your company focus on mobile strategy or web strategy?

What kinds of mobile integrations will enhance our product’s adoption rate?

Every marketing professional knows that content is king, promotion is queen, and conversation is key. So it makes sense that the world’s leading marketers are constantly exploring the landscape collectively and en masse.

Where can you go for great content marketing advice?

Our friends at Enterprise Marketer have elevated that discourse. They have launched a community by marketers, for marketers- a community with an abundance of curated content and conversations that matter. EM is a great place to start learning tips and tricks from experts. The folks behind the site come with impressive pedigrees and real-world experience navigating the swift shifts and sweeping transformations affecting today’s digital marketing landscape.

In short- they know what you want to know, and they’re anticipating what you’ll want to know next.

What will you find when you hit up Enterprise Marketer?

Relevant articles on strategic content, curated from all over the web. Realistic viewpoints straight from the marketing frontlines and new marketing frontiers. Real-time conversations providing perspective, analysis, and tools you can use.