Our Tagline History is Revealing

We shared the evolution of our logo a few weeks ago. The tagline is another story. It has changed many times as we have grown and expressed the changes in who we were working with and what value we brought them.

First Attempt

Our first tagline, “Give Your Voice a Video” reveals our initial mentality, trying to find common ground with speakers and the TedTalk crowd. Some of the original whiteboard videos were heady, academic topics that were fascinating to a select crowd. We wanted to take the stories captured in audio from their talks and turn them into videos.

This tagline played a bit on the idea of ‘giving someone a voice.’ On the internet, voice wasn’t enough, you needed to give your voice a video. It was a very short lived tagline but it inspired us in the beginning.

Evolution of TruScribe Taglines


As we worked with clients and realized how much we were doing to ‘unlock’ their stories, both in clarity of communication and in information retention. We were enamored with removing the barriers for these messages. So we changed it to “Set Your Message Free,” adding a fun ‘message’ character being cut free from their bonds.

We had understood the science behind our work for awhile, developed the core of our methodology, and carried the metaphor further. Scribology became scissors that cut those strings that were holding your message back from being received. The word bubble character was a bit generic maybe, but it carried forward our vision.


We then changed to “Moving Messages” which we felt had clever layers of meaning; Animation and video are mediums that feature movement, we facilitated the movement of stories from the origination to the audience, we wanted to move people in their ways of thinking and feeling, and we built our content to move people to take action. Most of that meaning stayed hidden to us as we focused on the movement from the expert to the learner.


As we ventured into both service and software, both built upon scientific principles and our Scribology methods, which we wanted to bring back front and center. So we changed our tagline to “Science in Moving Messages” to highlight the connective tissue of our offerings.

Scribology is our rocket fuel that allows us to amplify the effects of the drawn image. Moving messages to their audience, and moving their audience to take action.


With this rebrand we launched with the tagline, “Drawn to Change.” The tools we use, the Scribology Method, the techniques we apply, and every piece of content we create has a single purpose. As diverse as the stories we tell are, all the content we create is used by our clients to change something about their audience.

They seek to change a perspective on their company or a concept. They wish their story to have an impact on how their audience thinks and makes decisions. They want to see actions and behaviors altered. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small ones. And we’re drawn to that change. We love to collect, craft, and deliver stories that have an impact on their viewers.

So this is where we are today.

We draw to bring about change.

TruScribe visualizes words, ideas, and stories to change how people see, think, and act. If you have a project in mind or want to learn more, get in touch.