Bring more creativity into your business.


Repurpose content from blog posts to video to social sharing

How to Repurpose Content

There are dozens of ways to repurpose content that’s past its prime. Ways that can generate revenue, create social buzz, and gain a fresh audience for your message.
How Creativity Works in Business
Need some inspiration for understanding how creativity works in business?Here are some examples we found of companies that experienced increasing success as a result of getting creative.
Barriers to Creativity and Innovation
Adding creativity to your business may not currently be standard operating procedure. But with a little knowledge around common pitfalls and how to conquer them, you can put your business on a fast track to creative success. Here are a handful of obstacles
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TruScribe Booth at a Recent Event

Networking for Introverts

Tips from a TruScriber about networking for introverts.
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In Business Keynote Big Board

In Business Keynote Big Board

Big Board of Dennis Snow's Keynote at the 2019 In Business Expo
Graphic facilitation is a multifaceted medium designed to elevate engagement and entertainment at any event. Hiring a graphic facilitator is a surefire way to encourage your audience to look up from their devices and pay attention. It’s also a proven method of boosting retention.  The prevalence of graphic facilitation is growing, and with that growth
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What is TruScribe?

Watch this interview with TruScribe's Chief Innovation Officer, Eric Oakland, during the In Business Expo in Madison, WI.
Why use visual storytelling?
From cave paintings to YouTube, visual storytelling is a pervasive and powerful way to share ideas, educate, and communicate. Today, we have limitless array of available media. And we can share our stories instantaneously. The reach of visual storytelling has never been more promising.

Freelance Illustrators Needed

We are looking for freelance illustrators and artists for a new project. If you have strong conceptual skills, clean linework drawing abilities, and can visualize an idea or keyword in a variety of ways, this project is for you.