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Benefits of Using Video on a Website
What opportunities come with using video on your website? It’s time to take advantage of the benefits and start adding video to your business website.
Why partner with TruScribe?
Why partner with TruScribe for your next whiteboard video? An experienced team, the guiding methods of Scribology, and a client-centered production process.
We know the power of creative communication and have a few tips and tricks to share with you for your next Zoom meeting.
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Scriptwriting for Complex Topics
It can be difficult to write a script that turns unengaging subject matter into a successful video. How can you write a comprehensible and memorable video?
How to Choose Images
visual storytelling, imagery set expectations for your audience and determine their level of engagement and retention.
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When not to use visual storytelling
Visual storytelling works extremely well in many, many contexts. There are times, though, when it makes sense to avoid visual storytelling.
Embracing Creativity in Business Communication
Communication within your company and with your audience can be enhanced through creativity. But what makes creative business communication so effective?
Examples of Creativity at Work

Six Examples of Creativity at Work

Is your workplace a creative one? What kinds of examples of creativity can be found in the workplace?
Examples of Visual Storytelling
There are many examples of visual storytelling beyond video that people have employed for millennia. Let’s look at some examples.