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We understand that not everybody is as familiar with whiteboard video as we are. So let's get into it, and see why whiteboard is the perfect choice for your message!
It's all about story... or is it? Story can certainly play a vital role in engaging your audience, but it's your characters--and their emotional weight--that really matter.
Dogged by the pandemic but seemingly destined for cult-film status, Christopher Nolan's Tenet is a great study for Scribology in action. Check out where we see hits and misses as we look at Tenet through our lens of content creation!
Just how does TruScribe continue to make great whiteboard videos for our clients? Lead Artist Ben Schram talks marker storage, pigment, cleaning, and more!
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The best medicine against a script that will sound awkward when read aloud is to simply read it aloud, or have someone read it aloud back to you.  Come prepared to your voiceover session with the best script you can bring with these straightforward tips.
What could be worse than a message that doesn’t land? Avoid ambiguity and ensure that your audience understands just what you mean!
There’s something particularly arresting about drone photography that is absolutely on display in the 2021 Drone Photo Awards, fifteen entries of which are showcased by CNN here.  I think the singular magic of the technique is its ability to change how we think about visual storytelling. It’s understandable to think of visual storytelling—and storytelling more
What is it that truly makes customers respect a company today? More and more, the answer lies in the company's values, and how they express them. How do you present your values to your customers?
Storytelling, customer research, narrowing your target audience to the point of personalization, using strong content marketing—these might’ve been on marketers’ minds in 2019, but they’re no longer merely good ideas.  In 2021, they were absolutely requisite.