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Symbols and branding carry more meaning than meets the eye. Check out our study of some classic symbols in history and modernity!
Gestalt theory, developed in the early 20th century to explain human perceptual tendencies, provides insights into strong design choices for graphic designers and brands to this day. Join us as we explore some of the most interesting principles of Gestalt theory in design!
We’d never tell you what to do—but we will make recommendations to make sure your video is as strong as it can possibly be. We’ve been doing this a long time, and we’ve learned that certain choices can really lower your final video’s power. Make your best video by reading on!
What’s your whiteboard video about? The character style you choose should reflect your message, so put some thought into what they’ll look like. Will they be whimsical and exaggerated? Grittily realistic? Or somewhere in between? Read on to hear our recommendations!
When you meet a prospective client or business partner, you’ve got only one shot to make a strong first impression. That’s why we’re looking today at the best way to create that positive first impression: whiteboard video. Join us as we explore how!
There are countless explainer pieces on NFTs and their utility, but at TruScribe, we’re interested first and foremost in their visual design elements. Are NFTs too novel to be defined, or do they fit patterns of visual design we’ve seen before? Read on for our insights!
Dark social channels aren’t some kind of sinister plot—they’re the channels that see over 80% of brands’ outbound sharing. It’s time to develop a dark social strategy and take advantage of… the dark side!
Trying to reach Gen Z? Don’t let the media anxiety get you down—Gen Z has plenty of time for your messaging, if you reach out appropriately. It’s all about authenticity and experience, but what do those terms really mean? Read on to find out!
The medication we take isn’t colored randomly—in fact, it takes meticulous studies of color, the mind, culture, and more to determine the best hue for a med. The same is true when selecting an Accent Color in a whiteboard video… at least we hope! Read on to learn more!