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Stop writing your script and read this first
There are three techniques you can keep in mind when writing a script for an explainer video. Keeping these techniques in mind will give you a basic framework to build off of and hopefully help to elevate your writing as a whole.
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Graphic of a video with a price tag
“How much will my whiteboard animation video cost?” As with any video or creative project, the answer to that question can be complex and depends on a number of variables. And it’s an answer that’s ever changing. But here are a few insights from our experience.
carrot or stick?
Why focus on creativity in business? What are the advantages? How does creativity help your company grow?
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Pros and Cons of Video Marketing
With the video marketing industry racing full speed ahead, we thought it might be useful to step back, slow down, and evaluate some of the pros and cons of video marketing.
Benefits of Using Whiteboard Videos
Marketing and promotional videos come in many shapes and sizes. And with the proliferation of technology, users can be more creative than ever. But the simple, engaging, and interactive whiteboard video is still one of the very best ways to share information about your business, service or product, and brand. Many enterprises are choosing whiteboard
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9 Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation Videos for Business
Are you looking to spruce up your website content with engaging video? Or are you trying to find ways to make employee training more interesting? For these reasons and more, whiteboard animation services can be just the solution you’re looking for. A whiteboard animation video is an explainer video, typically used to sell a product
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You Must Remember This Better retention of information and ideas isn’t just a must for an educated workforce, it ensures higher productivity and fortifies a company’s bottom line. In order to inspire action or change, your message needs to be remembered and retold. According to a recent study by Instructure, an organization with 1,000 employees
Rude Goldfish
Attention is the new currency. But have attention spans really gotten to to goldfish level? Is that a problem? We dive into the science behind attention.
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Creativity in Business
Not only does creativity fuel innovation, it can actually foster success by more traditional methods.
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