Bring more creativity into your business.


Tips and Tricks for Internal Training

Top 3 strategic ways to improve your businesses’ training content strategy.

Marketing and SEO Tips for 2019

Watch our video recap of the Experience Inbound marketing conference, including takeaways for your business.

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Hand-drawn content is the ideal solution for some of the most confounding challenges in the HR industry.

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Squigl software is easy to use

Squigl is whiteboard animation software that quickly and easily turns text into video.

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Big Boarding at a Conference

Top 3 common business challenges that can be addresses with graphic recording.

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Infographics are an appealing and affordable way to approach visual storytelling. The best infographics communicate quickly, clearly, and visually, and can be a highly powerful way to appeal to visual learners.

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Graphic facilitation or graphic recording brings an artist to you, either live during meetings or conferences, or in a digital meeting.

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Tips on adding audio to your video wisely.

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What is Scribology?

Scribology is Science + Art Creating great content doesn’t only mean great art. When TruScribe started creating whiteboard animation videos in 2011 we knew we wanted to create more than just fun videos. We looked to science to figure out what would make our videos stick. We know that our clients need their videos to

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