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Motion and the Lizard Brain

The lizard brain asks, “what was that movement you just saw? Was it a predator? Perhaps it was a small rodent scurrying into the brush…dinner? Or maybe it was an image brimming with meaning…” Hmm, there’s a thought – you in a forest of images, each of which was created to impart a message. “You”

When I’m looking for inspiration while drawing I will often simply start doodling. From a series of random marks and lines, my eye naturally begins to pick out a form it recognizes. I continue to draw and develop this form, keeping my intentions detached from any thoughts of “right” or “wrong” marks. The overall integrity

Scribe For Action Producer POV

SCRIBE FOR ACTION WINNER – NORTH STAR ALLIANCE North Star Alliance’s network of Blue Box clinics help hard-to-reach populations in Africa; mobile populations left without access to the most basic health services. Since 2006 they have expanded to 40 clinics, 3 laboratories in 10 countries and approximately 200 employees. They were a great candidate for

  It is our favorite time of year, Scribe For Action season! Launched in 2014, our Scribe For Action program donates TruScribe’s whiteboard animation services and software to selected non-profit organizations. In 2017, we will once again select four qualified non-profits to receive a free 2-minute video, with in-house script writing and voice over included

Recharging Your Brain Power

Brain Power – working as an artist at Truscribe requires enormous amounts of it. From creating visual concepts based on client scripts to communicating effectively with creative agencies and coworkers to executing the final drawings under the scrutiny of the video camera – the demand on my brain power is considerable. So it’s imperative that I’m able to

Sure, there’s no arguing with the fact that whiteboard animations look great and are fun to watch. However, this unique medium has so much more to offer than strict entertainment value. In fact, there are a number of circumstances in which the use of whiteboard animation style videos provides increased business benefits to organizations of

Squiglit Logo

SQUIGL IS LIVE! It’s finally here: Squigl is alive! We’re thrilled to make the big announcement and today is just the beginning. When we first launched TruScribe whiteboard animation software in its infancy in 2016, we were thrilled at the thousands of users, invaluable feedback, and amazing encouragement that we received. We spent months compiling feature requests, adapting

Marketing and Moral Persuasion

As the first installment of our “March of Minds” retrospective, we look back at a video we produced for the TEDx Hogeschool Utrecht event from back in 2011. Age old philosophical discussions of free will have been brought to relevance due to our information rich digital advertising landscape. Is the art of persuasion, especially in the

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Where marketing is concerned is a whitepaper more effective than a case study? What’s the best way to target our next blog post? Does your company focus on mobile strategy or web strategy? What kinds of mobile integrations will enhance our product’s adoption rate? These are just a few conversation starters we heard at Content Marketing