7 Podcast Recommendations for Creative Entrepreneurs

Podcast Recommendations for Creative Entrepreneurs

Widely believed to give businesses a competitive edge, creativity is a perennially popular topic across almost every industry. Of course, the value of creativity is directly related to the fact that, at least in the business world, creativity is both highly sought after and relatively rare. Particularly as it pertains to leadership, it turns out the somewhat intangible quality of creativity can have a seriously tangible impact on the bottom line.

Creativity can be tricky to teach, and even harder to emulate. But it can be cultivated, and . We thought we’d share recommendations from a selection of our favorite podcasts based on wherever you may land on the business creativity spectrum. 

If you are ready to make a bold move

Check out Unmistakable Creative. Listening to this podcast could catalyze any number of courageous creative disruptions, as it describes its audience as “instigators, rebels, and people with a pathological inability to accept the status quo.” Host Srini Rao posits that “’only’ is better than ‘best’” and his guestlist shows it- ranging from ex-cons to entrepreneurs, his show is unconventional, unexpected, and unmistakably creative. 

If you seek inspiration from those who’ve gone before you

Take a listen to NPR’s How I Built This. Hosted by former news correspondent and current wildly popular podcaster Guy Raz, this podcast was among the 20 most downloaded podcasts in the entire world back in 2017. Each episode examines a different innovator and the company or movement they created- perils, pitfalls, and all. With over 100 episodes featuring guests who built companies like Stonyfield Yogurt or Compaq computers, you’re sure to find multiple nuggets of inspiration here. 

If your sole focus is creativity in marketing

Talking all things marketing and keeping it timely, Perpetual Traffic is a podcast by the folks at DigitalMarketer.com. If you live and breathe marketing, and need to get creative with it, you’ll find great ideas here from how to work with an agency to how to leverage chatbots and beyond, along with tips you can use to stay up to date on the latest changes in today’s ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. 

If your creativity is in need of a pep talk 

Host Andy J. Miller is a full time illustrator, part time podcaster, with a penchant for quirky cultural references, on-point analogies, and brief yet poignant interviews—all with one goal in mind: empowering you to balance business and creativity.  That’s Creative Pep Talk. Encouraging words of wisdom and eclectic topics abound. And you’ll want to take a peek at the website, which is a pep talk in and of itself featuring whimsical colorful drawings that burst off the screen. 

If you find yourself wondering how to transform creativity into success

The Accidental Creative has been a popular podcast for over ten years, and it’s great to turn on when you know that you could do your best work if only you had a path to venture down, or a viable method to avoid obstacles in your way.  Topics like overcoming uncertainty, bypassing burnout, and fostering a good culture in the workplace are all great building blocks in the foundation of any creative business.

If you are creative, but you need to be more productive 

“Personal Productivity Perspectives.” Those three little words tell it all in a concise, alliterative, and all-encompassing soundbite. Beyond the To-Do List is a valuable companion to anyone endeavoring to strike a balance between creativity and business while still remaining productive. This podcast aims to inspire listeners to find meaning in what they do, and imbue value in each thing they do, making it more than a task or goal but a full-on achievement.

If you are short on ideas and short on time

Sometimes, all it takes to inspire an entire creative concept is the spark of inspiration from one good idea. Get that, and more, in 10 minutes or less with the great quick listen “silent podcasts” from IdeaMedic.com. The concept? A prompt, followed by a spell of silence designed to give you room to create. It sounds simple, but it might be just what you need to kickstart something that’s been percolating for quite some time. IdeaMedic also does longer podcasts featuring interviews with artists and innovators.

The world of podcasts is growing daily. If you have podcast recommendations related to business and creativity, leave a comment.

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