Scribe Videos for Sales

Whether you’re a small company or a multinational conglomerate, a self-employed professional or a marketing director in charge of hundreds of products, your business brings something special to the world. But unfortunately, unless you can clearly convey that value proposition to the world, you’ll ultimately find your company’s growth to be slow to non-existent.

The reality of today’s sales and marketing world is that there are plenty of different elements that hold back your value proposition from reaching your intended audience, including:

  • Format: Messages that are delivered via text or audio alone simply don’t engage the brain the same way that videos do. As a result, information and value propositions conveyed through traditional print or radio advertisements may not have the “stickiness” of content being shared through whiteboard videos.
  • Message Competition: Fascinating data from IT management service DOMO indicates that every minute of every day, Facebook users share 684,487 pieces of content, Twitter users publish 100,000 tweets and YouTube users upload 48 hours of video footage. Add in the compounding effect of the sales messages that filter into every aspect of our lives through both traditional and web advertising mediums, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster when it comes to getting your value propositions and sales messages noticed through all this noise!
  • Attention Spans: There is a lot competition for consumer attention, and most of the content being pushed out there isn’t adding value to the viewer. So it’s no surprise that consumer attention spans are at an all-time low. If you want to break through these barriers and captivate your target audience members, you’ll need something special to get the job done.

That “something special” can be whiteboard animation!

Whiteboard video scribing helps to cut through many of the limitations described above, providing enhanced message delivery, comprehension and retention when compared to text campaigns, radio spots and even traditional, character-driven videos. The use of engaging story lines and professionally-deployed psychological cues (for example, the density and simplicity of the imagery used) make this medium memorable, giving you a great opportunity to showcase your company’s value proposition.

To learn more about how these techniques can be used to disseminate your message more effectively than ever, contact us. Our extensive industry experience allows us to hone in on the specific elements that are holding your value proposition back in order to find ways to set your message free!