Squigl – TruScribe’s Whiteboard Software Partner

Squigl software is easy to use

Why Choose Whiteboard Video Software?

Since whiteboard videos first gained popularity nearly a decade ago, the options for creating them have expanded tremendously. In addition to the studios that specialize in hand-drawn whiteboard video, there are now software options that allow a user to create their own video, no professional artist necessary. 

We never would have guessed that when we created our first video in 2011. We are proud to have some of the best whiteboard video artists, editors, and producers around on our creative team. And we continue to stand behind the value of hand-drawn whiteboard animation videos.

We changed the way the video industry approached video production by lowering the cost and ease of making video while keeping it high quality and science based. We made it more affordable for small businesses to get high-quality video to tell their story. We made it possible for large companies to create more video content for their learning libraries.

TruScribe is ideally suited for your most important stories, creating high-quality, custom, hand-drawn video that are made better through collaboration between experts and artists.

But we also recognize that our hand-drawn videos don’t meet every need.

That is where Squigl comes in.

In 2015, TruScribe collaborated with some of the best developers and business leaders around to create game-changing whiteboard animation software. We wanted to keep the most important parts of our Scribology method, but with the added convenience of DIY software. From that came our sister company, Squigl.

But we didn’t just set out to make cool software. Like our hand-drawn videos, we decided to change the way the industry approached online video software.

Squigl lowers the cost of video to a low monthly subscription. 

You can create unlimited video for a monthly or annual subscription. Because of this, Squigl allows you to bring video into your day-to-day work. You can truly move beyond the static slide presentation and into engaging content that your audience will retain. The monthly subscription service allows you to always be one paragraph, script, musing, or report away from new content.

Squigl is built on the same science that our hand-drawn videos are, only automated.

We talk a lot about our Scribology method of video creation because it works. We have brought together lessons from neuroscience and research on attention and retention of information and identified principles that we use in every video we create. Elements like motion, surprise, and the combination of video and voice contribute to highly engaging and memorable content.

Squigl is built using artificial intelligence to apply those same principles so that you can create effective content on your own.

Squigl is the easiest video tool to use, creating your very first video, in minutes.

Here’s how Squigl breaks the mold.

Nearly all online video software takes traditional video editing processes used by designers and creatives, and dumbs them down. But at the core, you still need to know how to think like a designer or a creative. The Squigl team believes that the power of whiteboard video should be available for everyone to create, without the need for video editing experience.

Squigl takes a completely different approach than other whiteboard animation software, by turning text into video.

How does it work?

The process is broken down into 4 simple steps.

1. Text and Audio

You can grab text directly from an email, website, or white paper, or you can write a unique script for your video. Then you have three options for transforming your text into audio.

  • Upload your own audio,
  • Record your voice in Squigl
  • Choose from a variety of machine voices

2. Squigl chooses keywords and images to match.

Squigl’s can automatically select important keywords in your script and find pictures or animations to match. Squigl has a vast library of free to use images as well as nearly 1 million animated drawings to choose from. 

3. Edit and tweak those decisions.

If you are satisfied with the images and keywords selected by the software, you can skip this step. If you had something else in mind for an image, you can easily search the library and replace it with an image that fits what you were looking for. You can also adjust colors and the length of time that images are displayed. There’s a lot of ways to customize your video if that’s what you’re looking for.

4. Finalize and share.

Once you are happy with the video, you can quickly finalize what you created and share it with your colleagues, clients, or online!

Why are we telling you about Squigl?

TruScribe recognizes that our services don’t meet every need (what business does?!). But we know the value of creative content in supporting every aspect of businesses, from training and development to corporate development and education.

When you use Squigl whiteboard animation software, you can bring many of the valuable aspects of a TruScribe video further into your organization.

TruScribe visualizes words, ideas, and stories to change how people see, think, and act. If you have a project in mind or want to learn more, get in touch.