Surprise Your Learners with TruScribe Training Videos


Surprise your learners with TruScribe training videos — a learning method that really works

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pour knowledge directly into employees’ heads? Because when it comes to training, providing the information is the easy part. What’s hard is getting them to actually absorb it, in a way that will let them retain it and recall it in the future.

That’s where we come in. Thanks to our research-backed Scribology™ methodology, TruScribe whiteboard videos are a new, effective learning tool.

For example, Scribology™ uses motion and surprise to keep viewers’ brains engaged. When human beings see movement, we can’t help but pay attention. We’re compelled by instinct to keep watching, because we want to know where the motion is going. TruScribe’s hand-drawn animations take advantage of that sense of anticipation to draw your learners in…

And then, while they’re hypnotized, you can pour the knowledge directly into their heads.

Well, not really. The drawings just hits them with a little, unexpected twist. It’s delightful. And it literally makes them want to keep watching. The pleasure you feel when a TruScribe whiteboard animation surprises you is your brain releasing a tiny blast of dopamine. Dopamine opens learning centers and starts them searching for more, and the video gives them more — meaning their eyes are glued to the screen.

That high level of focus makes the information stick. And best of all, it works no matter what the subject matter is. Our whiteboard videos can cover any topic you come up with. From sales techniques to space missions, from big ideas to microscopic details — even the important but not always interesting, hard-to-sit-through stuff — our animations can turn any information into a (literally) moving story that generates a striking response in your learners. We can transform the most routine facts into an engaging story that your employees will remember. Heck, they might even (gasp) have fun.

At TruScribe, our team of professionals is focused on creating the message YOU want to deliver, using a proven process that guarantees we’ll finish on time and without any charges you weren’t expecting. (That kind of surprise isn’t our style.) We’re dedicated to quality, and we offer a depth of knowledge that our competitors just can’t touch.

When it comes to training, giving your employees information is easy. Getting them to remember it is hard. TruScribe videos make it look easy — almost as easy as pouring it directly into their heads.

TruScribe visualizes words, ideas, and stories to change how people see, think, and act. If you have a project in mind or want to learn more, get in touch.