Text and Audio Alone Don’t Keep Your Audience’s Attention

What are some reasons that your company’s story and message are not heard and retained by your audience?

There are many possibilities. Today, we are going to consider the fact that most messages are trapped in mediums (typically text or audio content) that are harder for people to consume.

One of the most popular ways to share marketing content is through video, and with good reason.

According to recent studies, pairing the vocal delivery of your information with video imagery results in two times more message retention than conveying information via video alone – and nearly six times the retention achieved using audio files alone.

As a result, if you’re serious about getting your message out to your audience, consider that the combination of voice and video found in videos, particularly hand-drawn whiteboard videos, may be the ideal way to bring about this result!

Here’s why never been a better time to share your message using online video services.

Online video viewing habits continue to skyrocket, with the average online viewer consuming 20 hours of video footage each month.

And increasingly, users are viewing longer and longer videos at a time – meaning that they’ve already been conditioned to receive your message in this way.

Video offers significantly better SEO results than text alone.

Both search users and the search engines love to see video files in the natural search result listings, making your video files as much as 50 times more likely to be ranked for your target keywords than standard text pages.

YouTube the second most-viewed website in the world.

The popular video sharing service is a search engine in its own right, with tons of traffic from interested online viewers. As there’s no end in sight to the upward trend of video viewership, you’ve got every reason in the world to position your company as a leader in online video now.

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