The Business Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Video

Sure, there’s no arguing with the fact that whiteboard animations look great and are fun to watch. However, this unique medium has so much more to offer than strict entertainment value. In fact, there are a number of circumstances in which the use of whiteboard animation style videos provides increased business benefits to organizations of any size.

Whiteboard animation video on your homepage

When new visitors arrive on your page, what do they see first? Do they encounter an intimidating-looking block of text describing your company’s product and service offerings, or do they see a welcoming, engaging whiteboard animation message sharing the same information in a fun way?
If you’re concerned that your text-intensive website may be resulting in on-site visitor confusion or frustration, replacing text blocks with 60-90 second, “you focused” whiteboard videos telling your company story or explaining your business philosophy may provide a better jumping off point for your website.

Whiteboard animations video instead of whitepapers

Though you may have used whitepapers in the past to convey detailed or highly-technical information, sharing this same content in a whiteboard scribing format can be much more engaging! To accomplish this, you’ll want to focus your video on “them information” – that is, on the content that your target audience will find most useful. Try incorporating industry trends, new data or other “insider” information to turn your new “whiteboarding whitepaper” into a valuable content marketing tool.

Whiteboard animation video in your training library

Many websites offer tutorial videos and other training resources on their websites – but too often, these materials are dull and uninspiring. And while it may not make sense to scribe your software interface instead of screen capture videos, whiteboard videos can be used in most situations to visualize your training materials and connect on a deeper level with product users.

Whiteboard animation video as infographic

Today, the hottest type of content in the digital marketing world is the infographic – a graphically-oriented image that visualizes data in new and exciting ways. But while these graphics can be useful tools for attracting new website visitors, they’re still static. This means that viewers must determine on their own how to engage with and interpret your data.
To remedy this situation, try creating an infoMOTION™ graphic using TruScribes unique process, which will help viewers to better understand your content, while also encouraging the type of viral sharing for which infographics have become so popular.

Whiteboard animation video as a sales tool

In addition, one of the most effective uses of whiteboard animation videos is as a vehicle for sales message delivery. In fact, giving sales pitches via video offers a number of different advantages compared to standard, “stand and deliver” style PowerPoint presentations.
On the one hand, whiteboard animation videos can go where salespeople sometimes can’t. Because these videos can be distributed digitally, they can be deployed on the web or via email in situations where an in-person meeting isn’t possible or practical. In this way, they can help increase sales where traditional presentation methods would have failed.

Whiteboard animation video in the sales enablement process

Whiteboard animation videos can also be useful tools when it comes to sales enablement – particularly when used by large organizations with multiple sales channels.
Instead of emailing out PowerPoint presentations and hoping that division leads convey the enclosed information appropriately, training employees on updated company procedures or messaging via whiteboard animation videos is a much better way to ensure that new information is passed on in an engaging and consistent way.

Whiteboard animation video to communicate a message

The organic, intriguing style of whiteboard animation videos can be used for much more than just business sales and messaging. In addition, whiteboarding can be an especially effective tool in spurring innovation and advocacy.

Whether you want to educate viewers on an issue that’s near and dear to your heart or to motivate and inspire users to bring about a change in their environments, whiteboard scribing can be particularly useful when it comes to illustrating information that exists only in your imagination.