Using a Whiteboard Video to Improve Website Conversions

These days, websites don’t get to just sit around and look pretty! Businesses put up websites because they expect these digital platforms to provide them with some sort of tangible results. Maybe you’re using your website to sell products or maybe you’re employing your digital content to generate interest and potential sales leads – but either way, you’re expecting some sort of business benefit to occur as the result of viewer engagement with your website.

Buzzword Burnout

Unfortunately, encouraging these conversions can be a challenging process. Today’s digital consumers are burned out on advertisements and marketing buzzwords – and even if your sales language presents your company’s value proposition in a seemingly reasonable way, website visitors may dismiss your benefit statements without ever giving them a fair shake.

But while this behavior may seem reasonable when we’re the ones slogging through digital promotion after digital promotion, it’s quite a bit more irritating when it’s your company’s success or failure on the line!
In these situations, you need something that cuts through the digital clutter in order to regain visitor attention and increase your likelihood of scoring the website conversions you’re so hoping for. You need whiteboard animation videos!

Utilize Whiteboard Animation Videos

Although video scribing can be used in practically any circumstance in order to increase on-site conversions, let’s look at just a few possibilities in order to reveal the full potential of this engaging advertising medium.

Whiteboard scribing videos can be used:

  • Selling products. If your company retails high-value or highly-technical products on its website, whiteboard scribing videos can help to bridge the gap between text-based product descriptions and actual user experiences. Using our Scribology process to illustrate exactly what kind of a difference your products can make in your consumers’ lives can go a long way towards eliminating the fear that comes along with making big-ticket purchases online.
  • Generating leads. As another example, if your company runs an email marketing newsletter, getting customers to voluntarily give away their email addresses can be a challenge. No matter how many flashing arrow graphics you use or how many bullet point lists of benefits you provide, it can be difficult for consumers to see enough value in your offering to make the tradeoff between signing up and enjoying the benefits you’ll provide. Again, whiteboard scribing videos can be used to make this process of persuasion more personable, increasing this particular type of website conversion.
  • Prompting action. Alternatively, if your organization seeks to inform website visitors about a cause and encourage their action on issues that are particularly meaningful to you, there’s simply no better way to do it than with whiteboard videos. Whiteboard videos make excellent use of the visual storytelling process process, which allows you to draw viewers into your organization’s story and share why exactly their action is so important to you. It’s also a great way to break complex issues down into easily understood concepts, making whiteboard scribing videos an ideal solution for motivating action on issues at any end of the complexity spectrum.

Time and time again, the videos we’ve produced for our customers have proven effective when it comes to breaking through the noise online in order to compel website visitors to action.

Contact us to learn more about how TruScribe’s Scribology method can be used to set your company’s message free in order to increase website conversions.