TruScribe’s Video Production Process

Our video production process consistently delivers high-quality whiteboard videos. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, just how much information do you think you could convey by pairing hundreds of individual, instructional images with compelling audio content in a whiteboard scribing video?

Studies have found that the amount of information transferred and retained when conveyed via video format is significantly higher than the amount of learning that occurs when topics are described using either audio or text-based methods alone!

As a result, whiteboard videos represent a great opportunity for conveying complex topics in a way that’s intuitive and easy-to-understand.

Here’s how the video production process works:

  1. Message Identification: The first step in any TruScribe project is to identify and clarify the message that will be delivered. You can do this on your own, or we can match you up with an experienced copywriter – either way, we won’t move ahead with graphics creation until you’re satisfied that your message has been structured appropriately.
  2. Concept Sketching: Once we’ve identified the key points that need to be made in your video, we’ll start the process of illustrating these topics with compelling imagery. At TruScribe, we don’t just use pretty pictures in your video animations – the graphics we develop are steeped with additional layers of information and make use of psychological cues to ensure that important points are understood and remembered by your audience.
  3. Audio Recording: You can either record your own vocal delivery of your message, or we can bring in a talented voice artist to ensure the tone of your video’s audio track sounds just right.
  4. Video Production: After you’ve signed off on our illustration concepts, we get to work on bringing your video vision to life. Throughout this process, we’ll film “live action” versions of your graphics, sync them up with your audio recording and integrate whatever video stylizations suit your brand and message best.
  5. Production Wrap-up: Once our initial video recording is complete, we’ll edit your video content, making sure that any custom intro/outro slides are added and that any calls to action you’ve set up will be highly visible in your finished product.
  6. Launch: After all of these steps have been completed, your message is ready to be set free! To assist you, we provide a variety of video files to suit your needs, including everything from compressed web files to portable Thumbdrive versions to full 1080 HD recordings that are suitable for the big screen.

Once you sign off on your video, it’s yours to use in whatever venue or capacity you deem appropriate. A few examples of situations in which the whiteboard scribing process could be especially useful in communicating complex topics include:

  • Scientific Presentations: Whether you’re presenting scientific data to fellow researchers, investors or students, whiteboard scribing is a great way to detail these technical topics in an engaging fashion.
  • Technical Sales: If the product or service you’re selling involves highly-technical components that must be discussed and understood as part of the sales process, the use of whiteboard videos can keep your presentation light without compromising its informative value.
  • Sharing detailed information with the public: Occasionally, it’s necessary to convey messages to the public that can’t be summed up in a simple press release or article. In these cases, whiteboard videos may offer a more engaging medium for public and private organizations.

To see an example of how whiteboard videos can be used to convey complex topics, take a look at our portfolio page.