Video Scribing Success Story: EZLaw

Nobody wants to worry about legal issues and finding the right attorney. But there are times when it’s a necessary part of life. And it’s during those periods that you need the easiest and most cost-effective way to obtain legal advice.

Back in 2012, we teamed up with to create a whiteboard animation video explaining just how simple finding a lawyer can really be if you know what resource to use.

Here is what WE learned:

Researching Lawyers is Time Consuming & Hard

Dealing with legal issues can be overwhelming and finding the right attorney is not an easy (or inexpensive) task. When you’re in the midst of legal trouble – or just need an attorney for general advice of consultation – the last thing you want to do is countless hours of research to find the right lawyer.

Find Legal Advice Like You Find Everything Else – Online

EZLaw is an online service that pairs clients with real attorneys at your convenience. It’s a simple process in which you answer a few questions and the service connects you with experienced legal experts in your state. The lawyer then walks you through the legal processes, answers your questions, and creates the document you need. All you do is download the document, press the “print” button, sign the paper, and you’re done!

EZLaw Has Major Cred

EZLaw is backed by one of the most reputable names in the legal industry, Lexis-Nexis Martindale-Hubbell, the legal authority that has been rating attorneys for more than 130 years.

It Was Our Pleasure

We really enjoyed working with EZLaw for the duration of the production process and are proud of the whiteboard animation we created together. Since the launch of this video we have been asked to develop half a dozen more videos for Lexis-Nexis and for It’s relationships like these that drive us to put our best into the video scribing we do.

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