Video Scribing Success Story: Robbins Brothers

We’ve all been there…accused of not listening to our significant others for one reason or another and immediately put in the dog house because of it. And though it is important to truly listen all the time (right, ladies?), it is particularly imperative to pay attention to what she says when talking about the engagement ring she wants.

Whether you’ve been thinking of getting engaged over the last few months or possibly even years, she’s likely been dreaming of the day most of her life.

The TruScribe team has been making unparallelled video scribing videos since 2011. Back in 2012, we teamed up with Robbins Brothers, the engagement ring store, to help explain what exactly is important when picking out an engagement ring…in case you missed it when she told you. And to help you out even more, TruScribe videos add the visual element, so you can literally see what is being said.

Beyond the 4Cs

When it comes to buying a diamond, the 4Cs – carat, color, clarity, and cut – are the most standard way to determine quality. Carat weight is the weight of the diamond and, when looking to purchase, be sure to have the diamond weighed in front of you. The color of the diamond can range from almost perfectly white to faintly yellow. The measurement of natural markings in the diamond is its clarity. This can vary from very, very small to visible markings by the naked eye. Lastly, the cut is how the diamond is cut to ensure that it sparkles.

While knowing these basics is a good starting point, it isn’t enough. Many online listings can be misleading because it doesn’t allow you to see the true beauty of the diamond – which is the big secret to why certain diamonds with the same specs are priced higher than others. Robbins Brothers offer a unique in-store experience that allows you to see diamonds under correct light conditions and with a microscope, so you can see it with true depth perception. The store also offers lifetime warranty on every diamond because they are hand selected for both quality and visual beauty, guaranteeing that the diamonds can last a lifetime.

For more educational videos on diamonds, wedding bands, metals, and so forth, visit the Robbins Brothers’ video library

Beyond Listening

Here at TruScribe, we know just how important listening is. But just like how the 4Cs aren’t enough for diamond purchasing, listening isn’t enough when it comes to retaining information. That’s why we combine audio and video messaging in our video scribing videos – to increase the retention rate by 65%, over six times more effective than audio alone.