Ways to Use Whiteboard Animation

On our blog, we talk a good deal about how to get the most out of your whiteboard animation company, and generally give as much as insight as we can as to the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the process—what parts of whiteboard maximize engagement, where to focus in development, what our artists keep in mind when working with a script, and so forth.  Here, we’re going to move past these questions, to the use phase of whiteboard video.

Once you’ve got your whiteboard video, where can you best use it?  Where will you get the most effect?  What platforms, locations, and other factors should impact your decision-making? 

Driving Engagement on your Site

Let’s start somewhere that makes instinctive sense to most of us: your website.  This is a natural inclination for good reason—video increases the amount of time people stay on a webpage, and you want them on yours for as long as possible.  And since TruScribe whiteboard videos are designed with principles purposefully included for heightened engagement, your viewers will easily watch the whole video on your landing page.

And after your visitors watch your video, they’re likely to stick around even longer and see what other creative, interesting pieces of media, marketing, and value is available on the webpage.  Imagine if you had a video on every major page, from your product description page to your customer testimonials to your newsletter signup.  Affordable and easy to create, whiteboard is perfect for maintaining a relatable, human, engaging feel throughout your website.

Whiteboard as a Sales Tool

Now, let’s leave home base and take whiteboard on the road.  When your sales personnel greet prospects, their message will be considerably more interesting—and retainable—if the salesperson can let a whiteboard video make the introductions.

Whiteboard is optimized for mobile viewing, with its tight framing and large, easy-to-read images making showing prospective buyers your short video simple and effective.  Whiteboard video is also a major differentiator for sales personnel.  The truth is that many sales personnel don’t use video at all in their meetings, and if they do, it’s highly unlikely to be the engaging, enjoyable whiteboard format that your reps will be able to deploy.

Whiteboard is underutilized in sales—and, indeed, throughout the business world.  It’s a near-guarantee, therefore, that playing a whiteboard video for a prospective customer will provide them with a compelling new experience. 

L&D, Training, and More

Beyond your website and sales, consider using whiteboard for tutorials, training, and all manner of learning and development.  Whiteboard doesn’t have to used only externally, after all—and sometimes, these organizational learning deployments can be some of whiteboard video’s strongest.

Let’s first recall the mobile optimization discussed in our sales context.  This optimization is perfect for training materials, as it means your learners simply need access to the video to watch it over and over again, at their convenience, on their own devices.  They’ll save time and energy, formerly expended requesting another session or asking lengthy questions, by simply reviewing your video.  Moreover, the design principles at play in that video will ensure a much higher rate of retention—every time.

The relative unknown that is whiteboard, combined with these design principles, will also drive up engagement with the materials and seal in retention of crucial information.  In addition, the very nature of video makes it more palatable and memorable for learners, who have proven time and time again to prefer video over listening to a lecturer or sifting through lengthy training pamphlets.  And external-facing tutorials are another great use of whiteboard, and considerably more fun for the consumer than paging through a lengthy user’s manual.

Celebration and Gratitude

There are a lot of other ways to use whiteboard video, both internal and external.  Celebration is a great one, for either your customers or your employees—a custom whiteboard trumpeting an organizational win or expressing joy at a partnership can be an unforgettable, above-and-beyond way to show sincerity and togetherness.

Whiteboard videos can express gratitude just as aptly.  When a customer signs a major deal, go past a thank you email with a hand-drawn message of thanks, featuring the customer, their business, and your organization.  The effort involved in making whiteboard shows, and you’ll be that much more likely to see that customer again.

And when an employee or team surpasses expectations, give them something that’s more than a pizza lunch with a whimsical video that they can take home.  Since whiteboard’s visuals spring directly from the script, you can write exactly what you hope to see—so write about your employee’s daughter’s favorite animal (for example).  Your employee will be considerably more likely to stay with the organization, and repeat that great performance, when they know that you cared enough to include personal touches in your video of thanks.

These are just a few of the uses for whiteboard video.  At TruScribe, almost every week brings new challenges, new ideas, and new places clients intend to utilize their whiteboard videos.  From celebrations and gratitude, to sales, training, and landing pages, we already know where whiteboard can make a huge difference.  We’re excited to find the next spot with you!