What is Whiteboard Animation? | Definition and Purpose

What are the components of whiteboard animation?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”… as a … whiteboard marker?

Whether you’ve seen something called “whiteboard animation,” “scribe video,” “hand-drawn video” or even “doodle video,” chances are you’re familiar with whiteboard video in one of its various manifestations.

The basic definition of whiteboard video is images drawn on a whiteboard, accompanied by narration.

Although Shakespeare ne’er saw a whiteboard, he was familiar with the concept of a script – the foundation of any decent whiteboard video. Drawings plus voice add up to one of the world’s oldest forms of storytelling; as storytelling is a highly effective way to sell, explain, train, or entertain, whiteboard video is a versatile (and often economical) tool that can be leveraged by multiple industries in multiple ways. 

With a definition painted (or scribed) in such broad strokes, it’s important to distinguish between run-of-the-mill whiteboard video and whiteboard video that is produced with a purpose. Taking the foundation of storytelling and building it out even further means being intentional about every element included in a whiteboard video.

By adding guiding principles from neuroscience and behavioral psychology, and ensuring that hand-drawn content will be crafted by experienced artists, the appeal of whiteboard video grows along with its value. These guiding principles can help you reach your goals, and can be adapted to fit your unique needs. 

Why Whiteboard?

Got a challenging topic to explain?

Maybe you’re presenting a major initiative that needs buy-in, or you have an innovative idea ready for marketing? 

Or perhaps you’re just ready to steer away from dry talking head videos or cookie-cutter motion graphics into a new direction. 

When you’re drawing a blank, that’s the ideal time to turn to whiteboard video. 

With custom content and engaging concepts, you can pair your message with images hand-drawn to surprise, delight, and intrigue.  

Whiteboard videos can teach and train.

They can convert leads, promote a product, or headline your next all-hands meeting.

When it comes to tricky concepts like change management or human resources, there is no better vehicle for communication than whiteboard video. And effective visuals mean the brain can process information up to 60,000 times faster than with text alone.  

Creativity amplifies your message to make it memorable, and neuroscientific principles aid retention and lend a voice to your call to action.  Whatever target you’re aiming for, you’ll find that watching the action of a hand drawing across a whiteboard naturally inspires a reaction. 

And whiteboard animation video as a format is inventive- and unexpected- which automatically grabs attention.

Storytelling Inspired by Your Goals

High-quality production is another consideration for professional whiteboard animation. Your whiteboard video vision is best achieved with a collaborative production process, including milestones and deliverables, plenty of client review and direct interaction with expert artists, writers, video editors, and producers. 

An iterative creative process is helpful not only because you’ll sign off on each deliverable (first script, then storyboard, voiceover, and so on) but also because high touch creative collaboration can spark inspiration- you speak with your script writer, you hear your voice over recording session, and you work hand in hand with your artist- all the while honing your message and your ideas even further, and perhaps even coming up with brand new ideas- perhaps your storyboard can become an infographic to post in the breakroom, or your video outro could be a great GIF to post on social media. 

Whiteboard Video – Best of All Worlds

You should also consider some of the practicalities you’ll enjoy when you choose whiteboard video above other types of video.

  • Production costs are lower and production turnaround time is exponentially shorter.
  • Keep your message relevant with our future-proofing options. 
  • Localize to any language for audiences across the globe.
  • Whiteboard videos are easily adaptable–should statistics or situations shift, just pick up the phone and request a new or redrawn scene.

And just because the name includes “whiteboard” doesn’t mean you’re limited to a whiteboard marker on a whiteboard.

Think outside the board- pen on napkin, chalk on a blackboard, pencil on parchment- hand drawn content of any kind can make for an effective video. You can add physical objects to your video, or insert additional media types like video, screen shots, or animations that our artists can interact with and include in your story. 

Draw comparisons to other types of video, and you’ll see that whiteboard video has plenty of advantages.

Best of all, it gives you the rare, invaluable opportunity to infuse creativity into your business—which is fun, and also a major contributing factor when it comes to business success

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