Whiteboard Animation Volkswagen Case Study

Volkswagen’s Got Game

The Volkswagen brand is known for its engineering excellence, forward-thinking product styling, and its creative marketing. (Darth Vader anyone?) This creativity is part of the corporate culture, so it’s not surprising Volkswagen’s After Sales Curriculum Designer, Darrin Martin, came up with a uniquely fun and effective way to train staff – gamification.

To launch the company’s new gamified training platform, Darrin needed an innovative way to inform users about the system and show them how it would impact their training experience. He wanted a way to deliver the information that reflected the excitement of the new training. One that would increase employee engagement and retention.

Innovative Ideas Require Innovative Messaging

“We considered traditional routes such as emails or flyers, but felt like a launch of this magnitude warranted a more innovative approach,” said Darrin. “Whiteboard video really fits well with the character of what we’re trying to accomplish.  It’s engaging, fun, and dynamic while maintaining the level of professionalism required for our audience.

Why TruScribe? The Method Behind the Madness. 

Once Darrin decided to go with whiteboard video, there were a number of companies to choose from, so why did he choose TruScribe whiteboard video production services?

“Having met with several TruScribe employees and attended sessions led by the company at DevLearnSM, I was able to see the method behind the madness at TruScribe,” said Darrin. “It was their approach to training that attracted me to the brand.”

The TruScribe approach is the science of moving messages known as Scribology™, a methodology founded on principles of neuroscience and behavioral research that are shown to increase audience engagement and retention. Madness? Sure. Does it work? Absolutely.

Collaboration Works

“Our expectations were met and surpassed — the attention to detail, including the Volkswagen Academy logo on the illustration marker, were top notch,” said Darrin. “Everyone who has seen the video throughout all stages of development has been thoroughly impressed.”

As a TruScribe client, Darrin was invited to be involved in every step of the process. He provided input for the script writing, selected the voice over recording, and communicated his needs and ideas as the production evolved.

“The TruScribe team was very communicative and willing to work with my changing timeline as well,” he said. “It was a fantastic experience.”


Darrin said his experience with TruScribe and the end result provided his organization with a new perspective on how to create and deliver training content, as well as how to market their content.

“We’ve received thousands of comments on the Volkswagen Cup Introduction whiteboard animation video now that it’s available on the VW Cup site and they’ve all been positive,” he said. “People are responding very well to this new delivery technique.” 

TruScribe visualizes words, ideas, and stories to change how people see, think, and act. If you have a project in mind or want to learn more, get in touch.