Why Consider Video Marketing?

Updated April 2019

Anyone and everyone who has a business needs it to have a greater online presence. Several years ago, it was only the large companies that could use videos as a way to market their business because they had the funds to do it. Yet it now possible for small businesses to have their own videos which they can then upload to various sites for free and increase their brand awareness.

Why should you consider video advertising?

Reason 1: The Multi-Sensory Viewer Experience

Videos enable you to create a multi-sensory experience for potential customers while including within it content they will find engaging. There is no other form of advertising you can use today that will trigger a greater emotional response in your potential target audience than video. So of course it results in you making a far greater impact from the outset on all your potential new customers.

Reason 2: Reach on the Internet

Using video is the best and most effective way to get not only your brand but also your face and voice over the internet. This will in turn help you to gain a reputation for being an expert or thought leader in your particular field. When people are able to see and hear you, it helps to make you more real and this helps to humanize their whole experience and makes them feel more comfortable.

Reason 3: Building Trust & Confidence

Those who watch your videos will be able to get to know you better and this will help you to then gain their trust. Those that have trust and confidence in who you are will be more willing to do business with you.

Also, if you are sincere with regards to wanting to help or educate others, then your videos will convert very quickly in comparison to more conventional types of advertising. When it comes to videos you post online, they will continue to work for you 24/7. Providing you with opportunities to educate potential new customers even while sleeping.

Reason 4: Video is the future.

In fact, Netflix alone consumes 15% of the world’s internet bandwidth. On top of that, video is becoming a larger and larger portion of total web traffic and that trend is only rising. Like Gretzky said, go where puck is going to be, and the puck is heading toward video.

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