Why Partner with TruScribe for your Whiteboard Video Content?

Why partner with TruScribe?

When you’re looking to maximize the impact of a message, a whiteboard video is the solution you’re looking for. No matter the topic, whiteboard video can increase the amount of engagement your audience has with your information. And the rate at which your audience retains your information after they watch makes it worth the investment.

There are several companies who recognize the unique advantages of whiteboard. But only a partnership with TruScribe brings clients exactly what they need, every time.

Let’s look at why.

The TruScribe Team

The first reason to partner with TruScribe is our team. Our team has years of experience and expertise, born out of research, experimentation, and hard work. They’re dedicated to their craft. Every day, they show their passion. They compare artwork. They suggest improvements. And, above all, they encourage each other to stay the best content creators in the business.  

Copywriters Help You Share Your Message

Our copywriters are masters at taking diverse topics and transforming them into comprehensible, engaging scripts for client videos.  Even if the topic seems long, complicated, or dry, our copywriters know how to craft a script that will lead to a great whiteboard video. Whether a client needs help zeroing in on their message, adjusting their tone, or writing in such a way that will produce great images, our copywriters rise to the challenge every time.

Artists Have Mastered Visual Storytelling

Our artists have spent their years at TruScribe refining our artistic style. It is both personal and replicable by other team members. When they design images for a client’s video, they don’t just make quick assumptions and hope for the best. They think hard about the client’s needs and ultimate goal, and incorporate their experience on other projects. The images they create are not just functional, driving audience engagement and retention: they’re made to the highest artistic standard.

Coming up with the drawings and rendering them isn’t where the artist’s job ends, though—they still have to film it.  That’s right, our artists are the ones who shoot your video. They take hours at a time to capture themselves hand-drawing every one of your drawings. Our team is extremely detail-oriented as they create premium visuals for your content.

Editors Bring it All Together

TruScribe’s editors are experts at marshaling all of the components of a client’s whiteboard video—from script to filmed drawings, audio to color—and creating a phenomenal final video for our clients.  Their mastery of synchronization means that the client’s voiced message will coincide just the way it needs to with our artists hand-drawn images. This promotes both engagement and information retention.  Once their first screening has our client’s approval, our editors deliver the final, high-definition video for the client to download and use as they will.  

Producers Guide the Process

And through it all, TruScribe producers guide clients through the process.  From project kickoff to final delivery, they’re ready to answer questions, give recommendations, and coordinate key events like recording your voiceover narration.  Our producers can also help facilitate discussion between clients and other members of our team. They work throughout the production process to meet milestones and keep projects on track. 

Scribology – Art Rooted in Science

Besides our considerable experience and evergreen passion, another part of what makes our team so effective is our guiding principles. We call them Scribology. When you partner with TruScribe, you’re getting our scientifically-informed methodology for content creation.

Scribology is a set of principles that arise from neuroscientific research, intended to help our professionals make creative choices, make recommendations to clients, and explain our work preferences to teammates and others.  

When we discuss the rationale behind a mobile human hand in our videos, for example, we don’t say that it’s interesting, or that people tend to follow it.  We talk about the scientific reasoning at work, on several levels.  

Let’s take motion as an example. From studying motion as a principle of Scribology, we know that the brain moves the eye to follow the moving hand onscreen.

We know that the brain can even move the head, and that this focus on motion can substantially increase audience engagement (that is, attention paid).

The studies that helped create Scribology also taught us that the human hand has engagement and focal benefits of its own.  The brain seeks out human forms, and the moving hand becomes a great focal tool as it moves and draws images to reinforce a client’s voiced message.

The power of Scribology-influenced recommendations and explanations is equally important.  At TruScribe, we pride ourselves on fulfilling client needs. When we receive a request, we make it happen, to the absolute best of our abilities. We’re very concerned with client choice and presenting the most options possible for their project, and this often results in questions and requests for recommendations. When we field those recommendations, Scribology means that we have the data to back up our answers.

Our Process Values Your Time

Our personnel and our philosophy aren’t the only reasons you should partner with TruScribe. Beyond our experience and our guiding ethics, we offer a process that’s tailor-made to your needs. I’ve mentioned that we’ll always do what the client needs, but the flipside is just as encouraging. We’ll only proceed through our production process with our client’s signoff.

Our producers track milestones and deadlines that feature numerous rounds of client feedback. If you’re not satisfied with your script, we work with you until we’ve got your sincere approval and readiness to continue.  If your images need alteration, give us your feedback, and you’ll see the changes you requested in the next iteration. We don’t want to deliver a video that we like—we want to deliver the video that you need.  

  Get in touch, and get your video started today.