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Customer Experience

Scribing Elevates the Customer Experience

When you partner with TruScribe, you’re working with experienced professionals who are dedicated to increasing your message’s engagement and retention rates.

With our highly collaborative process, you’ll be involved at every production milestone to be sure that your video  or infographic looks and sounds just the way you need.

Craft lasting messages and effective communications by partnering with TruScribe.

Whiteboard Video

Grab Your Viewer's Attention from Start to Finish

Whiteboard video, or hand-drawn video synced with narration, is effective because of its simplicity. It keeps the viewer focused on what matters. No matter what you create, your message will be clear and memorable.

Custom Infographics

Share Data and Complex Information

Hand-drawn infographics combine an authentic look and feel with easy to digest data so you can connect with your audience in a new way. Infographics are shareable, and easily customized to match the look and feel of your brand.

Graphic Recording

Live (or online) content direct from an artist

Customers can learn about your company in lots of ways - but live drawing from TruScribe's expert artists takes it to a new level, in webinars, live online, and (eventually) at conferences and conventions.

TruScribe Services Work At Every Level of the Customer Experience

Be Memorable

Looking for a way for your sales team to increase interest in your brand and keep your products and services in customers’ minds? With a TruScribe partnership, we’ll help you make these improvements a reality.

With our engagement-boosting content, you’ll reach more prospective customers, and an increase in website traffic and staying time. And with our design principles of Scribology employed by TruScribe creators, derived from neuroscientific and psychological research, your prospective customers will retain your messaging—likely to the point of conversion.

Amplify the reach and success of your sales department by partnering with TruScribe’s team of dedicated professionals.

Reach New Audiences

Even when your marketing department is doing well, there’s always room for stronger messaging and clearer communications. Those are two things you’re sure to get with a TruScribe partnership. Whether your goal is to reach new audiences, engage more of your current audience, promote a message and customer retention, or something else, TruScribe’s passionate team of creators will take your marketing initiatives to the next level.

When you partner with TruScribe, you’re a part of the process, and you’ll work with TruScribe team members to create and approve each element of your milestone. You’ll get exactly what you need to increase brand awareness and convert prospective customers.

Grow your marketing department’s reach and communications with a TruScribe partnership.

Share Your Story

Have you ever developed a product that seemed perfect, except for its complexity?

Wondering how to describe your newest service? Announcing a shift in your flagship product’s design, but unsure how best to communicate the change?

TruScribe can meet all these needs and more, with its engaging and retention-boosting infographics, whiteboard videos, and graphic recording. No matter how complex the topic, our artists are masters at crafting just the right imagery to support your language and make your communication clear and memorable.

When you want to succeed at first impressions, partner with TruScribe.

Our team of passionate experts can transform any message, from explanation to announcement, into a
compelling visual narrative that will showcase your product in an engaging and lasting way.

Make Your Message Heard

Whether internal or external, positive or constructive, light-hearted or serious, your communications tie your organization together and define your image to the marketplace.

They need to be engaging, and they need to stick with their target audience—so why not partner with TruScribe and ensure that your communications pique customer and employee interest, and are retained for later recall and action? TruScribe’s experienced professionals are committed to best practices in content creation for increased engagement and lasting retention.

Move past the days of ignored communications or lack of follow-up on important messages, and enjoy fuller engagement and actionable, memorable content with a TruScribe partnership. Communications need to be heard, and acted upon—TruScribe’s team is standing by to ensure that yours achieve both.

After more than 3,000 custom projects, we got to many ways can you actually use Scribing?

video for education

It turns out, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Whether you’re interested in boosting your sales, increasing the reach of your marketing, explaining and promoting your products and services, or strengthening your communications, TruScribe’s team of expert content creators are ready to work with you to achieve your goals. Through a scientifically-grounded approach to design that we call Scribology, our whiteboard videos, infographics, and graphic recording sessions increase your message’s ability to grab your audience’s attention and stay with them. Here are 60 of our favorite ways to use Scribing to elevate your Customer Experience.

60 Ways to Use Scribing to Elevate your Customer Experience