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Employee Experience

Scribing Energizes the Human Experience

When your company needs stronger ways to communicate, partner with TruScribe and reach new levels of engagement and retention together.

Improve the day-to-day experience of your team and the overall success of your organization with our lasting and exciting message-enhancing services. Make onboarding easier and more effective with interesting, retainable visual storytelling. Boost communications throughout your team and organization with focused messaging empowered by TruScribe’s principled design practices. Lower training costs with evergreen TruScribe content that will serve your organization for session after session.

These are just a few of the ways a partnership with TruScribe can improve your organization—engage our experts to see how TruScribe can meet your needs.

Whiteboard Video

Tell Your Story to Your Team

Whiteboard video, or hand-drawn video synced with narration, is effective because of its simplicity. It keeps the viewer focused on what matters. No matter what you create, your message will be clear and memorable.

Custom Infographics

Share Processes and Procedures

Hand-drawn infographics combine an authentic look and feel with easy to digest data so you can connect with your audience in a new way. Infographics are shareable, and easily customized to match the look and feel of your brand.

Graphic Recording

Engage your team during meetings

Employees can engage with your company in lots of ways - but live drawing from TruScribe's expert artists takes it to a new level, in meetings, live online, and (eventually) in person.

TruScribe Services Work At Every Level of the Employee Experience

Convey Complex Information to Your Staff

Onboarding can be a difficult time, as it can take time to learn how much of your early messaging truly resonated with new employees. Similarly, team building exercises’ effectiveness can be questionable—how engaged was your team, and will they use what they learned?

With a TruScribe partnership, get peace of mind knowing that your Human Resources messaging has been designed with engagement and retention-boosting principles. Made up of dedicated, seasoned professionals, the TruScribe team is dedicated to augmenting your communications at every stage of content creation.

With a TruScribe infographic, whiteboard video, or graphic recording session, you’ll breathe easy knowing that your message will be more engaging and will be better retained by your team.

Training Content that Sticks

Training isn’t free, so make sure your organization is getting the most out of its training sessions in engagement and retention.

A TruScribe partnership is a great way to offset the costs of training and increase its engagement and rate of retention. Hiring in-person trainers can be costly, and not just once—many organizations will hire a trainer for multiple sessions, and perhaps pay more based on the size of the learner audience.

For example, with a TruScribe whiteboard video, you’ll have an engaging, informational tool that can be endlessly rewatched, shared, and applied to any number of sessions or learners. Partner with TruScribe to create evergreen, cost-effective training and development content that will provide long-term engagement and retention of your message.

Engage Your Team

Looking for a way to add some variety to your conventional internal communications? Wish that your team would get more interested in your new policy announcement?

When you work with TruScribe to fashion communications that boost engagement and retention, your team’s interest and internalization of your message will get the boost you need. Our team of passionate creators craft just the right visuals to reinforce your message and engage your viewers. The design principles used (principles that we call Scribology), derived from neuroscientific and psychological research, also increase retention rates—meaning what your team hears, stays with them.

Collaborate with TruScribe for more effective internal communications that your team will retain and use in their day-to-day.

Just how many ways can you use creative content to boost your employee experience?

We found at least 41...but we know there are many more.

Creative content helps your company stand out.