Experience Inbound 2019

Project Description

  • Big Boarding
  • Sketch Boarding
  • Inbound Marketing Expo
  • Marketing Executives
  • Marketing Managers
  • PPC Coordinators
  • Content Creators
  • Entertainment during talk
  • Displayed Immediately After
  • Shared post-event with attendees
  • E-mail Marketing

Experience Inbound was hosted by Simply Creative and the Weidert Group. They were looking for a break-out way to engage attendees with the speaker content during and after the event.

Other Portfolio Items

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  • This marketing explainer video reviews a new startup app in the patient-physician healthcare space....
  • This whiteboard video was able to apply technical drawings of the actual healthcare device, and scientific processes...
  • custom whiteboard animation elements

    This is a classic whiteboard video used for advocacy....
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