Graphic Recording


When an artist visualizes an idea, it sticks. TruScribe's Graphic Recording services bring an artist to your event, whether it is in-person or digital. Choose Big Boarding or Sketchnoting for webinars, online meetings, and more. When you layer visualization on top of the audible storytelling and discussions by speakers and presenters, it ensures that the new ideas people experience are also remembered.


Our digital graphic recording services feature an artist drawing during an online event such as a meeting or webinar. The digital Big Board is then shared for the audience to experience the event in a whole new way.


Sketchnoting is our version of Graphic Faciliation - bringing an artist into a meeting or event to draw out the conversation, helping your team see each other’s ideas more clearly. Visualizing an ideation session helps teams develop new ideas and brings creativity to the process for a new level of productivity and action.

Where Can You Use TruScribe's Digital Graphic Recording Services?

Our artists are ready to WOW your digital audience through Big Boarding or Sketchnoting. You can add custom videos or infographics as part of your event, social sharing, and share-ready files to keep you top of mind with your audience. Schedule an artist for your next...

  • Webinar
  • Remote team meeting
  • Online Conference
  • Training Session
  • ...and much more

Our Process



We meet to discuss the goals of your event, the space you have to work with (virtual or real), and the number of speakers, panels, or break-out sessions you want us to graphic record or facilitate. We can coordinate with speakers, media, and vendors to make sure we have everything we need to support the experience you want to create.


With expectations set and a day or hours before the doors open, we will work on-site with your team to set up equipment, materials, sound, lighting and anything else that’s required for success. We are flexible, attentive to detail and responsive to unforeseen challenges when it’s show-time.


During the event our artists are up front Big Boarding, in the room Idea Boarding, or watching from the wings Sketchnoting. Speakers are speaking and stories are being told. We find that people really enjoy engaging with what they hear and what we draw. Be ready for many selfies with key visuals in person and sharing and commenting on social media!

Post Work

Following the event, we can create digital files of the work and recap videos combining the speaker's best moments from with the graphics we created. We work with your schedule to get you what you need to follow up with your audience and stay connected.

Conferences and Keynotes

Our iconic Big Boarding graphic recording puts an artist on stage with a speaker to capture the ideas they speak. And Digital Boarding can create visuals from anywhere. An effective way to solidify new ideas, complex topics and event experiences. Our trained Graphic Recorders can tackle any topic, any venue and provide visual content that improves the attendees' chance of taking the messages home with them.

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Meetings and Workshops

It’s imperative that your team clearly communicate their ideas that can get lost amidst many strong voices over a multi-day meeting. During a meeting, at the spark of an idea, words fail to convey them clearly. Sketchnoting graphic facilitation allows us to interpret words and refine ideas so everyone sees the same picture before moving forward.

TruScribe Guarantee

Our Commitment to You

We have delighted our customers since we delivered our first video in January of 2011. Our clients have consistently let us know how much they love our work and enjoy our production process. This consistently positive feedback gives us the confidence to offer a money-back guarantee. We guarantee that you will receive at least 200% Return On Investment for your campaign when you complete a project in our TruScribe production process. We will give you your money back if you feel that our work was the reason your campaign did not at least double your investment. Simply contact your TruScribe representative and we will write you a check for the value of our work for that campaign.