Infographic Services


Infographics are highly versatile, consumable ways of sharing complex information. They are the perfect complement to hand-drawn and whiteboard animation videos. TruScribe infographics apply our Scribology method to create attention grabbing infographics that your audience will remember. Your choose the style of infographic and the features you want to incorporate, and we will design the right visuals for your audience.


The simplest style of infographic, with blocks of data and information created with engaging visuals.


Processes and paths are better travelled when your team can see it laid out before them. The Map Style leads the audience along a path.


The most complex version of our infographics, scenic infographics tell a larger story to convey information in new ways.

Infographic Features

Infographic pricing depends first on the style of infographic that you choose and the amount of information you wish to share with your infographic. From there, we offer a range of optional features that will allow you to share your content with your audience in amazing ways!

Standard Features

  • Experienced Production
  • Standard 20-day Turnaround
  • Milestone Based Sign-offs
  • Artist Drawn
  • Script (Information) Review
  • Scribology Method

Optional Features

  • Print-ready files
  • Formatted for Slide Show Presentation
  • Social sharing-ready infographic excerpts

Our Infographic Process



You provide the information you want to convey in your infographic and select your style and features of your infographic. We orient your team and ours using the best in online collaborative and project management tools.

The Story

We start every project with a focus on your story, your audience, and the change you want to see. Together we zero in on the information you want to use. Whether it’s technical, process driven, or trying to capture an idea, we start with clarifying your information.


In order for the information to move beyond words and numbers, we incorporate visual elements that support the story and audience. In every infographic we put pen to paper to draw imagery that engages viewers with its movement and makes your story memorable as it synchronizes with the audio or narration.


As your infographic comes together, we continuously incorporate input from your team. You can leave the project more wholly in our hands, or we can incorporate a variety of stakeholders, such as subject matter specialists or legal counsel. We thrive on collaborating until your imagination is perfectly materialized.


We deliver your infographic on time and in the formats you need to share your message and tell your story. Our standard delivery is 20 business days, but if you ask us if we can do it faster, we aren’t great at saying no.

TruScribe Guarantee

Our Commitment to You

We have delighted our customers since we delivered our first video in January of 2011. Our clients have consistently let us know how much they love our work and enjoy our production process. This consistently positive feedback gives us the confidence to offer a money-back guarantee. We guarantee that you will receive at least 200% Return On Investment for your campaign when you complete a project in our TruScribe production process. We will give you your money back if you feel that our work was the reason your campaign did not at least double your investment. Simply contact your TruScribe representative and we will write you a check for the value of our work for that campaign.

Clients Testimonials

"It was so easy working with you and the rest of your team. I must say this was one of the more enjoyable projects that I've been on and it was primarily due to you guys. Everyone was so professional and efficient. Please thank them for me. Thank you again for a great product. Our Corporate VP just viewed it and was extremely pleased with the outcome. Hopefully we have more projects in the future together."

Edwards Lifescience

"Just finished reviewing both of the videos and have posted final comments. Can I say that it has been a pleasure dealing with you and your team. You have been so professional and the communication through the online portal has been excellent. You have done a great job with the video production and we’re very happy with the result!"

Australian Money Market

Waste Management

"Darcy and I were just talking about what a professional and fun experience it has been with your team and the processes. For me it has been the best vendor-partner experience in my career. Agree, a perfect 10! I really appreciate how streamlined your processes are, very efficient!"