UKG and TruScribe Partnership

Partner Video Program

UKG has partnered with TruScribe, the leader in custom, artist-drawn whiteboard explainer videos, to help Technology Partners communicate to sales teams and mutual customers or prospects in a visually engaging, easy-to-understand way.

Whiteboard Video

Hand-drawn whiteboard videos uniquely engage your audience.

Share your story through custom, hand-drawn whiteboard video and your audience will take notice!

Custom Infographics

Visualize your data in a creative way through custom infographics.

Visuals stick with your audience. Create memorable creative content through custom infographics.

Trusted Team

The TruScribe creative team is experienced and fun to work with!

Working with the TruScribe team is easy, transparent, and fun! You will love our creative process.

TruScribe’s team of creative experts will collaborate with you and take care of everything! This includes:


TruScribe copywriters know how to tell your story in just the right way for a whiteboard video!

Digital Brand Color

Your whiteboard video will reflect your brand, including your brand color and logo.


The narrator for your video sets the tone - and TruScribe has access to the best voiceover talent in the industry!

Music and Sound Effects

If they enhance your video, music and sound effects will be included.

Whiteboard animation emerging trends

Promotion of your Videos

UKG Will:

  • Include your video on our Technology Partner Marketplace
  • Promote you to the sales organization through industry newsletters and posts
  • Potentially promote you through our social media platforms and customer community!

TruScribe's Production Process



At the beginning of your project, you will meet your TruScribe producer, who will be your guide throughout the entire production process. We'll get on the same page with our online project management and collaboration tools, and discuss project milestones and landmarks.


The script is foundational to your video. We can write it for you, or edit and prepare a script you provide to ensure it will work well as a whiteboard video. We start the process with a focus on your story, audience, and the change you want to see.


Our artists take your video beyond words with just the right drawings in order to support your script's story. In every video, our artists engage your audience and increase their retention of your message by hand-drawing imagery in synchronization with the audio or narration.

Voice Over

In our production process, you choose and approve the voiceover for your video. We'll help you find the perfect professional voiceover artist for your script, and even offer you a chance to listen in on the live recording of your narration.


You'll approve every part of your video as we create it, through milestone-based signoffs at every stage of the process. We thrive on collaboration, and can also incorporate a variety of stakeholders into the approval process, such as legal counsel or compliance specialists.


We deliver your content on time and in the format you need. Our standard delivery is 20 business days, but if you ask us if we can do it faster, we aren’t great at saying no.


UKG has pre-negotiated a 25% discount for all technology partners who participate!

The price of your package is based on how long your video is, which is determined by the script word count.



120 script words, 45-second video. Normal price is $6,600

1 min


160 script words, 1 minute video. Normal price is $7,330



200 script words, 75-second video. Normal price is $8,000



Each additional 15 seconds adds $500 to the total video cost.

and more!


Add a custom, hand-drawn infographic for only $1,000