Video Production Services

Complex or simple, lengthy or brief, whiteboard video is a fantastic tool for the message you need to communicate.

Hand-drawn images supporting a focused script drive viewer focus and keep them zeroed in on the most important parts of your message. Our dedicated artists employ scientifically-grounded principles and years of experience to create content that is sure to increase the effectiveness of your communications.


Our video production team is comprised of experienced, savvy creatives with passions for communication. We promote strong messaging and understanding with each whiteboard video we create.


From kickoff to video delivery, the TruScribe video production process is effective, collaborative, and straightforward.


Even if your topic is highly complicated or technical, our skilled artists will transform your message into an attention-getting, highly retainable video that any member of your audience can follow and enjoy.


Our whiteboard software partner, Squigl, is a content creation platform that turns text to speech into animated videos. Squigl lets the user make their own whiteboard video.

What Makes a TruScribe Video Stand Out?

At its absolute basic, a whiteboard video created by the TruScribe production studio means hand-drawn images supported by a voiced script. But what makes our whiteboard videos unique is the way we rely on science to use visual storytelling to grab your audience's attention and help them actually remember what you had to say. So, a better way to understand our videos is to think of them as the ideal way to convey your message. A TruScribe video is a perfect way to ensure that your company puts its best foot forward in communications.

What Choices do I Have for my Video?

In our standard production process, your video will go through our experienced creative team's production process, with a turnaround of 20 business days. You will progress through milestone-based signoffs that guarantee your input's importance in the video's production.

Your video will be drawn with a visible human hand, and adhere to the principles of Scribology - a series of scientifically-derived methods intended to promote audience attention and retention of your information.

When it comes to your video, TruScribe provides a variety of options to help you achieve just the right video for your business.


You can provide us with a script, or engage our copywriters to compose one for you to review and approve.

Script Assistance

In our script assistance, we review a script you provide and help you edit it to best fit the whiteboard video style.

Depending on the nature of your video, you will have options in visual style, scripting, sound, and more.


With your script in hand, we'll help you select your voiceover talent. You can also supply your own narration if you have already selected one.

Video Backgrounds

Visually, you can choose your background, with options ranging from our classic whiteboard to a graphic background to a solid background of your choice. You can also choose the accent color your artist uses.

Added Objects

You can also add images or media over the hand-drawn images in your video, or choose to have your artist draw on or around other objects, such as for a product video.


You can choose to add subtitles or closed captioning to your video to improve its accessibility.


You can make adjustments to localize your content, including multiple languages for your script, changing or adding new voiceover, or captioning in other languages.

Music and Sound Effects

You can choose to add to your soundtrack with music and sound effects.

Finally, you have options in production and in your final video.

Expedited Delivery

One option is expedited delivery - talk to your producer if you need your video completed earlier than planned.

Digital or Print Images

You can include digital or print images from your video to be supplied to you after your video's completion.

TruScribe's Production Process



At the beginning of your project, you will meet your TruScribe producer, who will be your guide throughout the entire production process. We'll get on the same page with our online project management and collaboration tools, and discuss project milestones and landmarks.


The script is foundational to your video. We can write it for you, or edit and prepare a script you provide to ensure it will work well as a whiteboard video. We start the process with a focus on your story, audience, and the change you want to see.


Our artists take your video beyond words with just the right drawings in order to support your script's story. In every video, our artists engage your audience and increase their retention of your message by hand-drawing imagery in synchronization with the audio or narration.

Voice Over

In our production process, you choose and approve the voiceover for your video. We'll help you find the perfect professional voiceover artist for your script, and even offer you a chance to listen in on the live recording of your narration.


You'll approve every part of your video as we create it, through milestone-based signoffs at every stage of the process. We thrive on collaboration, and can also incorporate a variety of stakeholders into the approval process, such as legal counsel or compliance specialists.


We deliver your content on time and in the format you need. Our standard delivery is 20 business days, but if you ask us if we can do it faster, we aren’t great at saying no.

TruScribe Guarantee

Our Commitment to You

We have delighted our customers since we delivered our first video in January of 2011. Our clients have consistently let us know how much they love our work and enjoy our production process. This consistently positive feedback gives us the confidence to offer a money-back guarantee. We guarantee that you will receive at least 200% Return On Investment for your campaign when you complete a project in our TruScribe production process. We will give you your money back if you feel that our work was the reason your campaign did not at least double your investment. Simply contact your TruScribe representative and we will write you a check for the value of our work for that campaign.

Client Testimonials

"I was guarded thinking how expensive I thought my customized video would be. But since the finished product has been shared with my peers in my business the rave reviews gave me my peace of mind knowing this is a great move for my business for future growth."

My Money Strategies L.L.C.

"It was so easy working with you and the rest of your team. I must say this was one of the more enjoyable projects that I've been on and it was primarily due to you guys. Everyone was so professional and efficient. Please thank them for me. Thank you again for a great product. Our Corporate VP just viewed it and was extremely pleased with the outcome. Hopefully we have more projects in the future together."

Edwards Lifescience

"Just finished reviewing both of the videos and have posted final comments. Can I say that it has been a pleasure dealing with you and your team. You have been so professional and the communication through the online portal has been excellent. You have done a great job with the video production and weu2019re very happy with the result!"

Australian Money Market

"Darcy and I were just talking about what a professional and fun experience it has been with your team and the processes. For me it has been the best vendor-partner experience in my career. Agree, a perfect 10! I really appreciate how streamlined your processes are, very efficient!"

Waste Management