5 Pinterest Video Sharing Tips

Pinterest continues to be a very popular social network. And the social media giant integrates video sharing capability to its platform. In other words, you can pin YouTube and Vimeo videos.

As a marketing professional for your company, you cannot afford to ignore the power of Pinterest. Social media critics critics note that this platform drives traffic to websites and drives sales, with over 14 million articles pinned daily. Video integration have great appeal to web users who like sharing more artistically designed content, which mirrors Pinterest’s visually inclined user base.

Here are five tips to help your company get the most out of video sharing on Pinterest.

1. Make videos specifically for Pinterest

One of the most unique aspects of Pinterest is its unique brand and image. Don’t simply pin all your YouTube videos (although you can). Many brands are developing video campaigns to encourage users to follow them and pin their items. Consider Pinterest-only campaigns and videos for your company.

2. Create pinboards for video.

Don’t make the mistake several companies have made by placing all of your videos on a single pinboard and then entitling it, “videos.” Be specific in your boards and descriptions, and look for ways to pair themed videos with like boards and use keyword-rich descriptors.

3. Use an appealing thumbnail image.

Pinterest is all about the appeal of a visual image. Create an eye-catching image to go with your video to increase the likelihood of pins and click-throughs.

4. Make it easy to pin and repin.

When you have video on your website or YouTube channel, always include a “pin this” social sharing button along with each video. Another idea to encourage pinning is to include the words “pin this video” at the end of each video.

5. Repin other videos

Remember it’s all about social sharing and the way to build momentum and pins is to repin others. Just as you would with appealing images, repin other companies’ videos.

Pinterest has more than 250 million active monthly users and more than 175 billion pins. Video allows you to tell a compelling visual story and Pinterest gives you the ability to share that story with millions. If your company is not yet using Pinterest for video, you are missing out on what is one of the best ways to share your story and drive traffic to your company website.

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