Best Whiteboard Video of 2015 from TruScribe

It’s no surprise that 2015 was a big, exciting year. When this happens, it’s common to recap the year with a ‘Best of’ list! Here’s some of the best whiteboard video of 2015. From retail to biomedical, we’ve worked to move the messages of some incredible companies. Our videos grab your viewer’s attention and keep them engaged no matter what the subject matter is. This drives an incredibly high level of information retention. No matter what your learning objectives are, TruScribe videos will help you reach them. We’re incredibly proud to show off the results-driven, innovative whiteboard videos that were a cut above from 2015.

Best Whiteboard Video Long Form

“SAP 101” — NBC Universal

Designed from the very beginning with retention and attention in mind, our videos stick in the minds of your viewers. No matter how long the content is, our Scribology method of video creation keeps viewers curious and watching. The old way of thinking that “Oh, we can’t make longer videos because no one wants to watch something that long!” simply doesn’t apply to TruScribe whiteboard videos. Coming in at just under 12 minutes, NBC Universal SAP 101 is our Best Extended Video of the year. 

Best Whiteboard Video Short Form

“Animal Deterrents around Electrical Substations” — IEEE Standards

One the flip side, TruScribe videos work great no matter how SHORT your message might be. We loved working with IEEE on a number of videos. Our projects included creating an engaging IEEE Standards Video highlighting Animal Deterrents around Electrical Substations. Not to mention it features our new friend “Zappy” the squirrel. This character has been a part of a national campaign and now a video game.

Best Whiteboard Video Metaphor

“Never Overpay for Cable Again” — TrueCable

One of the best ways to tell a compelling story is through the use of a clever metaphor or visual analogy. We use creative minds of our TruScribe artists to amp up the visualization of your message. Though there were a number of great metaphor concepts through the year, we loved working with TrueCable (love the name, of course). Their “Never Overpay for Cable Again” video featured an enlightened caveman in the cable and wire purchasing process.

Best Whiteboard Video for Training & Development

“Customer Commitment Training” — Waste Management

Because our videos excel at both attention AND retention, an ideal purpose for a TruScribe video is for employee training and development. Waste Management’s Customer Commitment Training exemplifies well-crafted, easy to follow and engaging content that employees are enjoyed and retained.