Elevate Your Customer Experience with Scribing: Products & Services

From smaller companies growing into industry players to established organizations with years of reputation, one thing is always the case. It’s never too early, or too late, to elevate your customer experience.  

With the engagement and retention-boosting abilities of hand-drawn TruScribe content, you’ll find new and exciting way to present your services and products to customers.

Explain Complex Software

When you’ve got a complicated software to explain a way that’s simple to understand, Scribing is a great solution. With simple, hand-drawn images, TruScribe will bring you the visual story your viewers need to understand your program. And with Scribing’s increased rate of retention, they’ll remember what they’ve learned.

Share Information on an Obscure Topic

In a similar vein, discussing a highly specific or obscure topic can create challenges, challenges greatly alleviated with Scribing.  When your audience likely will not be familiar with a topic, make it interesting and retainable with a TruScribe partnership.  

Make unusual ideas more relatable with great visuals, and employ the principles of Scribology. This makes sure your information sticks with your viewers after your discussion.

Medical equipment can be both obscure and sensitive in discussion.  Scribing can focus your message and reinforce it with the visuals that will help your viewers understand the equipment simply.  

Share Potentially Sensitive Information

TruScribe artists are masters at delivering potentially sensitive material, being both factually comprehensive and compassionate in tone and style.

Financial services can also benefit from Scribing for very similar reasons.  With engagement and retention-increasing design principles, a TruScribe video, infographic, or graphic recording session can transform your audience from passive viewers into active learners.

Demonstrate How Your Product Works

If you’re looking to demonstrate a tool or device, use Scribing to make your product truly stand out. Replace the tired instruction manual with an infographic or video that viewers will remember and enjoy.  You’ll see more interest in your brand and more customer retention.

Present Data in an Interesting Way

When you need to present data, you run the risk of coming across a bit dry, and potentially losing some of your audience.  Leave the days of glassy stares behind with Scribing to tell a story about your data. TruScribe’s visual storytelling will keep your audience engaged and help them retain that data after you present it.

Share a Recipe

Now, let’s think about using Scribing for a project that’s not so dry.  Debut your next recipe through a TruScribe collaboration, and make a juicy visual story out of your kitchen conjurations.  From hand-drawn chefs to well-read instructions, Scribe your way to engagement and retention.

Scribing can also be a perfect way to take viewers on a journey along a timeline. Instead of the traditional, cliché straight line, utilize some great TruScribe images and an engaging visual story to explain events to your viewers.  Go beyond dots on a line with Scribing.

Share the Hard-to-Describe Things

What about the harder to describe parts of your product or service—those intangible elements, so often key to your product’s appeal?  Scribing can help you visualize just those parts.  With the right images and story, TruScribe uses a variety of approaches, including metaphor, contrast, icons.  Show the invisible, and depict abstract concepts and by Scribing to reveal the intangible.

Evoke Emotion

Finally, let’s step back from highly specific examples and consider the ability that Scribing can bring to all products and services: evoking emotion.  When your viewer is emotionally invested in your visual story, engagement follows naturally. We pay more attention when we’re pulled into a narrative, not less.

Story is our human coding language. It’s a high-resolution information index that we’re trained at a young age to recognize and seek out.  So when you Scribe for an emotionally resonant visual story, you’re stacking the motivators for engagement high.  Add to that the fact that we retain stories extremely well—particularly those that have successfully evoked emotion during the experience.

Scribing is Perfect for Your Product

Regardless of your product or service, we’re quite confident that there’s a way Scribing can benefit your company or organization.  Whatever you need to showcase, debut, or explain, strong visuals and principled content design are always appropriate.

Here, we’ve compiled a short list of possibilities for Scribing to elevate your customer experience and showcase products and services. However, we want to hear from you. 

What product do you think could benefit from Scribing? 

Do you think there’s a product or service that wouldn’t work well with Scribing—and if so, what is it, and why?